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States that honor the Utah Permit

States that honor Florida Permits

Utah CCW

The content of this course has been approved by the State of Utah for the Utah CCW Permit and it is not an NRA course. This course also meets the training requirements of a handgun safety course for the Virginia CCW Permit when taught by a certified instructor.

Taken with a live-fire range session, this course also meets the training requirements for the Florida CCW Permit as well as the CCW permits issued by several other states. Students must demonstrate proficiency in the safe handling of their handgun during controlled exercises at class and sign a detailed statement as to their prior handgun shooting experience.

Depending on which permit class we are teaching, our CCW courses cover the relevant Florida, Virginia, and/or Utah statutes. Students will receive a copy of the appropriate statutes as part of the course outline. This should give you a clue as to the depth of our course.

Please note that no legal advice will be given in the course nor is any portion of the course outline or this website to be taken as legal advice which it is not.

State laws may change at any time and it is the responsibility of the student/permit holder to locate and read all relevant state and local laws in their home state, as well as for all other states in which they may carry a concealed handgun and before doing so.

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

Covers   28 states or 33 states for Utah residents 

Issued:   Residents of any state & legal resident aliens 

Turn around Time:   60-70 days 

Valid for 5 years 

Renewals:   Every 5 years  

Requires:   No subsequent classes for renewals 

Other:   Names of permit holders are confidential 

The Utah Concealed Weapon Permit is issued by the State of Utah and is therefore in a standardized format. The Utah permit only authorizes the concealed carry of a handgun even though it uses the term weapon and this also applies to out of state permits used in Utah.  The states of Florida, Michigan and New Hampshire will accept the Utah permit only when presented by a resident of Utah. Thus, when carried by a non-resident of Utah, the Utah permit is valid in 28 states instead of the 31 states for Utah residents Utah is more strict with respect to the applicant's background and a conviction for any of the following either will or may result in a denial of the permit application:


Crime of violence

Offense involving alcohol in the last 5 years

Offense involving unlawful use of narcotics or other controlled substances (some misdemeanors > 15 years old may be okay)

Offense involving moral turpitude


The Florida CCW

The Florida CCW permit is as a good permit that is available to both residents and non-residents. However, it is twice the cost of the Utah permit and more than 10 times as much to renew every five years. It remains a good permit but not necessarily as good a value as the Utah permit.

Covers:   28 states or 33 states for Florida residents* 

Issued:   Residents of any state

Turn around time:   up to 90 days 

Valid:    Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licenses issued on or after Wednesday, June 11, 2008, are valid for a period of seven years.  If you hold a valid Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License issued prior to June 11, 2008, that license is valid for only five years.  

Live-fire required for all applicants 

Other:   Names of permit holders are public record 

The Florida Concealed Weapon Permit is issued by the State of Florida and is therefore in a standardized format. The Florida permit authorizes the concealed carry of a handgun as well as other weapons such as knives, saps, chemical sprays, etc. in Florida only. In other states that accept the Florida permit, carry is almost always limited to a handgun.


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