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Here's what our customers are saying...about their training.


Hello Chief!

Just wanted to say thanks! Really appreciate all the great info on
laws and even tactics you taught the class during the recent Utah CCW
course. Also enjoyed the weapons techniques you showed us and
actually getting to use them that day on the range was a huge plus!

Even after qualifying with both the 9MM and M-16 for 20 years in the
Marine Corps, as well as teaching Marine recruits marksmanship as a
Drill Instructor, I still gained much knowledge from you. Again, Thank
you sir- I will highly recommend you to all!

Please feel free to use the above on your website!!!

Thanks Craig!





I am writing to express my thanks to Craig and Dereck for the outstanding instruction we received during Saturday's Ladies Only Home Invasion and Pistol Training course.  It was extremely beneficial to me to receive proper instruction for handling and using firearms.  Both of you were very patient and re-assuring.  The material and pace of the course was perfect, the real-life scenarios were eye-opening, and the hands-on experience fun and exciting, as it reinforced my understanding of what I'd heard.  I look forward to taking the advance course and in becoming more comfortable and proficient in handling firearms.  I had never, ever even shot a gun, but by the end, I was so jazzed at not only shooting, but having learned the right way to do it!   I would/will absolutely recommend your school to others who are interested in COMPREHENSIVE and PROPER firearms training.


Thanks again!


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Posted by Pablo on Maryland Shooters:
Maryland Firearms Training Group

For those looking for new and unique training opportunities, I did the Ultimate Glock Defensive Handgun course with MD FTG Sunday. I have to plug these guys - Craig and his team are the real deal. If you haven't trained with a SIRT this is a great opportunity. After SIRT drills, you head to the range to attempt "qualify" on the FBI course-of-fire.

A long day, but well worth the trip to Owings.



I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know what an awesome
time I had this past Saturday. I was not expecting to get half of what I
learned from your class and although I was overwhelmed with information
(that I am still digesting) it was worth every penny. A lot of gun folks
especially gun stores are very intimidating, but you put everyone at
ease and your approach to teaching new gun owners or even perspective
gun owners was unbelievable. Thanks again and I look forward to taking
your advanced classes in the near future.

Chris Santarmes




WOW!  Once again, I am blown away (figuratively) with the positivity that comes out of taking one of your classes! After the Lady's Only Basic Pistol and Home Invasion Class, I came home excited that I was finally able to face my fear of handguns with proper education and training. My husband was so happy to see this change of perspective that he wanted to take a class with you as well. What a surprise it was for him when I asked if I could do another one too! We shared a wonderful experience of doing the Utah Concealed Carry class together and we plan on going further in the future and take the Ultimate Glock Defensive Handgun class together as well.

For a person that was so afraid of guns that I would sweat and cower, it astounds me that I have been able to come this far in only 4 months. It has all to do with your guidance and teachings skills and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made two lifelong fans and eager students today!


Nancy Christian







I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for a GREAT class. I
will admit I only signed up for the course because it was required for
my Utah CCW. Before class I thought my 8 years in the Marines (0311
Infantry) were more than enough to warrant me qualified for a CCW.
After going through your training, I know I was WRONG about the notion
I was qualified for a CCW and am thankful that your training was
required. Your teaching style and real world experience makes for a
very interesting and informative classroom session. On the range your
one on one instruction with each student takes the training to the
next level. What made the difference was that you modified the range
training based on each individual student's skill level. That was the
most fun I have had at the range in a long time.

You are a great instructor! I highly recommend you to the new gun
owner as well as the experienced shooter.

Thanks again,
Deryck Poole.
Crofton, MD




After a year in the sand box in 05 I felt the need to improve my hand gun skills.  I searched for something local, and found what was being offered lacking in quality.  I contacted Chief Collins at the MD Firearms Training Group, and was impressed with his flexibility and professionalism.  
Unfortunately,  firearms training for civilians is filled with self professed "experts" that have not really "been there, done that".  The other side of the coin is that the best qualified instructors demand high compensation for their time.  At the MD Firearms Training Group I received fantastic instruction based on real world experience, at a reasonable price. 
I have received basic firearms instruction in just about every small arm used in the DOD inventory and earned my Expert qualification for rifle and pistol in the prior to finding the MD Firearms Training Group.  Additionally, I have spent hundreds of hours and thousand of rounds teaching my self the art of shooting.  After working with Chief Collins, my pistol skills improved tremendously.  Chief blended his advanced hand gun course with the NRA and multi-state carry license, for me.   The training I received at the MD Firearms Training Group far exceeded the Army and Air Force instruction I was given over my military career. 

Ssgt. M. M. Boring



Maryland Firearms Training Group provides comprehensive firearms training that yields immediate and measurable results. I have always wanted to learn about firearms and their proper usage, but as someone with no prior experience, it was important to me that my introduction to handguns was serious and exhaustive, while remaining fun. Craig Collins, through his Pistols/First Steps course, provides this and more. From dispelling myths surrounding guns to teaching valuable insights learned over decades of gun use, training, and research, Craig teaches a structured, easy-to-understand course. With a constant emphasis on gun safety, both classroom and practical work teaches skills and foundational knowledge that will stay with students permanently, allowing them to enjoy firearms and utilize them to their full potential. In my opinion, MDFTG’s Pistols/First Steps course is a must have for any prospective gun owner or user, be it for self defense, competition, hunting, or recreation. I highly recommend these courses, and will definitely be attending further classes in the future!

Richard Mills, Washington DC

Words cannot even express my feelings on today's class.  I was able to face a fear and find a possible hobby all at once!  My husband and I have already planned our monthly range time and he is really wanting to attend your advanced classes.  I'm also interested in the Concealed weapons class in the future.  I know that if it wasn't for your patience and incredible guidance, I would not feel as fulfilled in my mission as I am right now.  

Thanks again for everything

Nancy, Andrews AFB




"I have taken 2 classes with Mr. Collins and have enjoyed both of them, I even got my father to take the second course with me. Both classes are very detailed and interactive. The Basic Pistol course is a great course for people just starting out because Mr. Collins takes his time reviewing all steps, answering questions, and making sure you feel comfortable handling and understanding the weapon before you go on the range. The Carry to Conceal course was also a great instructional course full of interesting facts and tactics. I not only learned a lot from Mr. Collins, but I have confidence when handling a weapon, my father and I now have a common interest and I am capable of protecting myself at home or out and about. I hope to take another class with Mr. Collins sometime in the future. Oh, Mrs. Collins is always there to greet you with a big smile when you arrive."  


Jennie Loncon

Crofton, MD




Hi Craig,
I wanted to let you know that my son, Jonathan Dee, absolutely loved the course.  He was so impressed by your overall professionalism and knowledge and just couldn't say enough great things about you and the training.  He is now interested in purchasing a gun so I'm thinking of getting it for him for the holidays.  He really wants the Sig Sauer P226-Navy, can you point me in the right direction on where to purchase it?
Thanks again,
Lisa Kimmer






I just wanted to thank you for making room for me in your concealed carry weapons class last month.  Your professionalism and experience was evident from the start and you brought the diverse group together in a manner that made everyone comfortable and knowledgeable about a serious topic.  A very good class!  After the holidays I fully expect to send my wife and daughter up for the firearm safety course.


Thanks again and hope to see you in one of your advanced classes,

Charles M.(Marty) Leischer

Solomons, MD




My concealed weapons training course at the Maryland Firearms Training Group has proven to be some of the best firearms training I have received.  I have trained at Blackwater and other training facilities and the MDFTG instructor was just as well informed and exceeded our expectations for the course.  Thank you MDFTG for your classroom and range instruction, it has been the most relevant training I have received.


Paul Duffy

Attended CCW course 11/2009

Paul Duffy, Agent
State Farm Insurance - Sykesville, MD





Mr. Collins

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your expertise in conceal carry and firearms training.  Your Combo class is the bomb!  Your experience in weapons handling skills and operations while in Iraq is evident in the classroom.


You have my respect.  Thank you.


Mike Martin

Investigator, RFI Investigations






Enjoyed Sundays class.  You got me pumped.

As a former and now retired LEO I can tell you from experience you hit the nail on the head in Conceal Carry and Home Invasion knowledge!  As an avid shooter I appreciate your skill and live fire demos.  You truly walk the walk my friend. Call me when the Advance Class is taking students.


Jim Evans, Baltimore PD




Just a quick email to thank you so much for your great course on Sunday. I really felt that I learnt something valuable and worthwhile.


Jonathan Reeves, DC Emergency Operations Coordinator, Dept. Safety and Security



Hi Craig,


Thanks again for the great class on Saturday, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.


In the future if you have a class planned that you think might be good for me to take, or maybe you hear of a good class somewhere in the area delivered by other instructors, please let me know.


Gaithersburg, MD


Mr. Collins,
Thanks for the awesome class!  It was a pleasure meeting and learning from you.  I look forward to attending your next class in February.  Please give my regards to your wife.  I wish you the best with your mission overseas.
Take care and stay safe.
Kevin Brown

Ft. Washington, MD




I just wanted to send a thank you.  Steve and John raved about your class a couple of weekends back.  I must admit that I am jealous because they got the personal tour.  We are all talking about the advanced class in the spring!


Thanks again

Chris Norfolk





I wanted to thank you again for a great experience in your class. You
can never get enough training and I really enjoyed the whole experience.
More importantly was Kim's interest in learning and wanting to learn
about guns. She now has a solid base to work from. Last night she asked
what the next step is. So I left the Glock at home for her today so she
can continue practice. Now that she knows HOW to handle it she isn't
afraid TO handle it. Before this weekend she had no interest in getting
a gun out for any reason. We'll both be applying for the Utah CCW and
probably Florida in near future. Heck...maybe even Maryland. Thanks
again...mission accomplished with Kim...and again I enjoyed learning
more too.


New Market, MD



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