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Philippine Scholarship Organization


     Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity International Scholarship Program also known as "Philippine Scholarship Organization" is a subsidiary corporate organization own and manage by Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity International which the main service is to endow with financial aid, grant and scholarship to their fellow resident member from Central Philippine University, University of Iloilo, Western Institute of Technology and University of San Agustin, all in Iloilo City, Philippines.


  Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity International is a non-profit organization with their headquarters base in Draper, Utah, United States of America. This professional fraternal organization is exclusive and open to any alumni member of the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity from Central Philippine University, University of Iloilo, University of San Agustin and Western Institute of Technology.


      As one of their guiding principles and proverbs as written in Betan's Scroll last March 6, 1948 by Brod Celestino Javier and the First Fraternity Sweetheart Sis Lilia Garcia-Go, as quote;

Betans Scroll


      Opportunity has come with the aid of modern technology and through the Betans Globalization. One of this Betan's guiding principles have vividly become visible the true meaning of being a Betan. This served as the indestructible foundation of the fraternity. That’s why when the First Betans International Reunion last August 4, 2005 at La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines.


  The Proposed Scholarship Program was raise up and unanimously endorse by the member of different PBEFI geographical chapter. The initial phase of  Scholarship Fund Raise Drive was started during the big event. It was verbally agreed whatever the PBEFI-Visayas and Manila Chapters will raise, this will be match by the Betans International times five in equivalent to Philippine monetary money in pesos. The Executive Committee spearheads this cause with the help of the U.S. West Coast Betans. Brod Danny Damasco a member from Betans U.S. West Coast Chapter was endorsed and appointed by the Executive Committee to lead and chair this significant Scholarship Committeealso known as the "Scholarship Groundworks Team."

PBEFI Scholarship Program

     The PBEFI scholarship program is aimed to provide scholarship assistance and opportunities to deserving resident members of the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity from Central Philippine University, University of Iloilo, Western Institute of Technology and the University of San Agustin.
     With this scholarship program, it is envisioned that the fellowship's unwavering dedication to the continuous pursuit for academic excellence will be given new life and a new beginning and someday may bring forth a harvest for everyone to enjoy.

PBEFI Mission & Vision

     To help engineer a better future for aspiring and deserving individuals and entities.
  To become the model of excellence for the fellowship of brother engineers worldwide. 

The Betans Creed


“Men if left to wander aimlessly on the fields may stumble upon the truth and pick the wild flowers of knowledge but if their efforts are controlled and directed they may reap a more bountiful harvest with which they can build a beautiful garden of understanding wherein the minds of men can find a serene delight.”

Brotherhood of Engineers

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