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looking for my family

  Anyone that has any info on the Coleman family of Mansfield Chartiers twp from 1838- present please contact me anytime.

    I have always wondered who my grandad was since I never had the chance to meet him.  His kid's never talked about him much, I often wondered if he was a good man.  how did he live his life and was he happy.  I heard how sweet my grand mother was and I remember the sad look in my aunts eye's when she would speak of the day she and her brothers and sisters were young and they had to be put in the Davis Home for Colored Children after there mother's death.  I wondered how grandad felt when the state came in and took his kid's away from him, did he cry,  I am sure he did.  One minute you have a wife and a house full of kids, and the next the house is empty.  It had to be hard for him as a man for strangers to come into your home and tell you, you are not fit to take care of your children.  There are so many questions I have about this man I call Grandad.  I know now that his real name was Charles B.R Coleman and he was a Mohawk Indian.  For what ever reason he felt he had to change his name when he enlisted in June, 1918 to fight in WW1.  His company was the 7co recruit camp 5, and he was a pvt.   My research on him and the Coleman family goes on.

this sight is a work in progress, I will be adding more as time goes on.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.


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In this area I might mention some organizations I contacted to research the family tree and thank by name some family members who were especially helpful.