Saturday's sun shone on an unlikely scene near Kennedy Plaza. Children scampered by in colorful animal masks, musicians jammed on a stage and vendors clamored for the attention of passersby. The inaugural Providence Sustainability Festival was held all day downtown, bringing together students and grandparents, activists and local business owners to teach and learn about environmentalism in the area.

The festival was designed to educate the Providence community about environmental living, said Bradley Hyson, executive director of the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living. The institute, which created and sponsored the festival, seeks to transform Rhode Island into a environmentally sustainable state.

The festival opened with an "earth-honoring ceremony" led by Chief Kenny Black Elk from the Cherokee tribe. The ceremony was meant to show the Native American perspective on living in harmony with the earth, according to the festival's Web site.

Pitching their tents in the early morning and staying until evening, the festival's vendors educated attendees about maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. The vendors showcased products such as environmentally friendly plumbing and landscaping services, pizza-making ovens and toxin-free cleaning products.


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