Founder-Danny De Gug-Minister

Danny De Gug: Studied Music for three years privately with John Jarvis Jr. also studied under Robert Pedipaw in the New England Conservatory of Music. Studied Computer Music in Science and Sound at NorthEastern University. Completed courses in  Nuclear Power Facilities,Water,Milk,Housing and Restaurant inspections under Doctor LaPock. Presently is taking online courses in Anthropological Studies at MIT.
Works as a Minister at a Greater Boston Hospital and Nursing Home.Worked in this present Hospital for over 14 years and other Hospitals for years before. Has had a track record for visiting Nursing Homes. Website Builder, Musician and Artist. TV Producer and Interviewer at CCTV Cambridge for close to ten years.

Angel is the Head of Radio and TV actions

Angel is an outstanding film Editor and TV and Documentary Director,Producer and Interviewer. She is the Hostess on Radio CCTV and does great presentations on Music and Spirituality.
Angel Aiguier, Winner in Educational Activities category - "Family Fun Day ...

Dino is the Head of the Art Department

Dino is a Musician and Artist, his works are among the most sensitive to honor our Native Americans. He works ambitiously in all his undertakings in Music and Art.


While hosting the highly rated Gardening Show on WRKO on Sunday mornings for more than a decade, Jim Zoppo has managed American Landscape, Llc. at Sharon-View Nursery, in Sharon for 30 years. He received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Boston State College. Jim has been a science advisor for the Boston Public school system; taught horticulture and earth science in both the public and private sectors; and was the caretaker of the Endicott Estate in Dedham where he taught horticulture in its greenhouses. He is a member of the Massachusetts Horticulture Society, Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Association, American Nurseryman’s Association, Massachusetts Camellia Society, The Begonia Society, and The Gesneriad Society. Jim is also a past member of the Board of Directors of the Norfolk County Farm Bureau. Jim Zoppo is a frequent contributor to the New England Flower Show and The Rhode Island Flower Show, and a guest speaker to civic groups and garden clubs.


Wayne is an ordained Minister, TV Producer and Interviewer; as well as Radio Broadcaster.


Please click on the Photo of Reverend Barbara Eberle and see her site for sore eyes.She, Reverend Eberle has worked overtime to present the best opportunities to develop one's spiritual self.

Native, John Peters, aka, Slow Turtle,a great Man
Please click on the Photo of Slow Turtle

The Sunshine is within You!!
Danny De Gug

Loves You!


East Cambridge, MA 02141

The Cambridge Sunshine Foundation is a new organization, just a few years old, which has goals of helping improve the local community and the greater community of humankind.  Weekly at CCTV click, its founder, Danny De Gug, airs a live television program of arts and human concerns.  To view a show click on CCTV above, and please go to webstream and click. Our show is on Thursdays at 4:30 P.M. a live broadcast all around the World.

Artists who appear on Danny’s Thursday afternoon show on Cambridge cable access network include up-and-coming musicians, singer/songwriters, painters, even Grammy Awarding performer Fred Lipsius.

On our program appeared Thomas Mark Fallon who received the honor of winning the Pavarotti International award for best Counter Tenor; also many performers from around the world have appeared on our show.  Many of these people have important messages to share with all of us. 

Danny interviews his guests, giving them an opportunity to share their concerns, belief systems, their artistic struggles, and their artistic visions with the Cambridge community and also the World-Wide-Web audience.  Some of his shows are aired later in Boston.  All of his shows are broadcast Thursdays at 4:30 pm live and rebroadcasted Thursday night at 11:30 p.m. on CCTV’s internet access channel 9 in Cambridge.

Because the Cambridge Sunshine Foundation believes that the arts can raise an individual’s consciousness, as well as the community’s consciousness, the foundation will continue to be involved in supporting the arts by inviting visual artists, musicians, writers, and actors to appear on CCTV with Danny.  The healing aspects of the arts for the individual practitioner and the audience go deeper than conscious thought.  Viewers give great positive feedback on this program, often picking it out as their favorite program.

 The Cambridge Sunshine Foundation believes that we as a community need to become actively involved in making our voices known to public servants at the local, state, and national levels on issues of concern, such as school enrichment, unemployment, Native American Indians, and a number of other concerns. 

We invite you to share our concerns and ideas.  Perhaps you see an idea in our list you would like to see realized.  Sometimes when a group of individuals come together around an issue, they generate ideas and accomplish activity which not one of them would do alone.  By e-mailing people (whose addresses we have provided) with your concern about these issues you will be volunteering your time and talent in an invaluable way.



2006-2011 – Cambridge Sunshine Foundation   

Be courageous,be peace-loving and become a leader to change Local,Regional, National and International scenes of Education. Write to all that you can and overcome evil with your goodness, authority and wisdom.
Remember! Write to Contacts in the United Nations;
Lots of United States Governors to call and write to:
Volunteers we need you to represent to our representatives some inspiration;
Please attest to the Senators your deepest desire for School Renaissance and the Native American Holiday already declared, remember, we are asking Congress to join in on the Declaration for the Holiday to be as popularized as the Fourth of July.




2006-2011 – Cambridge Sunshine Foundation   


CSF Volunteers are cool and free
When you can, please write and call Organizations and People that are listed through this Site.
We are dedicated volunteers and know that at anytime we want to work;
we make a difference.Do you have to register? No registering, nor time
card is required.
Love is your membership card, and carry that in your heart at all times. 


Thursdays @ 4:30 live &11:30 pm are our broadcasts
Click on TV to see a live stream

Points to recall as a Volunteer:
First: Remember to be Diplomatic, your a Diplomat for this Foundation, be courteous and polite.
Second: Share your viewpoints with confidence.
Third: Choose words and ideas that are of interests.
Fourth: Point out the Hemispherical Holiday Weekend.
Fifth: Point to the Amendment of Honesty at www.Treaty.Tv    
Danny De Gug,Minister, Musician, Artist
Founder of this Human Rights Organization
Cambridge Sunshine Foundation-501-c3

Dino Dinapoli, Executive Media Officer of Art
Jayme Aronson, Executive Media Officer of Radio

Angel Aiguier , Executive Consultant
Andrew McGrath, Consultant
Wayne Robinson, Director of Public Service Announcements
Office 617-876-4144

The Powers to make positive change in the Americas are within us!