Treaty of  Respect by Radio and TV


To all you bright and among the best Volunteers in the world, please forward this letter to as many Radio and TV Stations as possible.

The Letter

My Name is Danny De Gug, President and Founder of the Cambridge Sunshine Foundation. We at the Cambridge Sunshine Foundation are in the Media, with myself as a Producer and Interviewer on CCTV station #9, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For many years, Cambridge Community Television has experienced being the number one Access Station in the Nation.

We at the Cambridge Sunshine Foundation are interested in having the viewers see The Native Cultural Report,that are Public Service Announcements{PSA}.We in the Cambridge Sunshine Foundation have done the PSA for our Native People many times.

Because of you and CSF these Public Service Announcements will be on all the TV stations in the Nation. Broadcasting and rebroadcasting times of a half-minute or one full minute will have a dramatic effect on our children and older children. To realize that our roots are attached to these wonderful and fascinating people, Native Americans , is an honor to us African, Asian and European-descent Americans.The Native Cultural Report, created by both Native People and sensitive Americans will be a remarkable Renaissance of social development .

Please, volunteers get on the phone and the computer and contact the TV management of TV stations and give to them this letter.Make sure you talk with the management department covering Public Service Announcements.{Please tell them about the Banner} If they, the management say they already received fifty calls, be polite and in your own words let them know the more, we are very thankful for all the consideration they are giving this most important matter. Remember our motto "to always be diplomatic, respectful and polite".

Let them know we at CSF believe in honoring our brothers and sisters that are Natives and the First Citizens of this great and wonderful Land. We believe that all people; Europeans, Africans and Asian-Americans need to feel these Cultural reports and grow in the knowledge and understandings of their Roots in the United States. You, yourself might have said several times in your life that the Native people received a terrible, horrible and tragic end.


Please Volunteers help to set those Public Service Announcements into the Television World in a timely and adventurous cycle to honor our Native Roots{Supermarket emergency Petition}. Here is the link you need to contact all TV stations in the United States---  When we complete this we will see a greater, more peaceful and united America.

Remember, this is a Writing Emergency, please copy, paste and forward to Local, Regional, National and International Agencies. Add your message to it and let them know what you feel and think!

Emergency! Please contact the College Radio Stations and communicate with them these important developments on this page. The most important point is the National Holiday Weekend Document, one of the most important documents in United States History.

Next, the Supermarket displays, this shows a real celebration and respectful treaty{treatment} by displaying once a season the indigenous produce that was stewarded,farmed and harvested for tens of thousands of years, on hundreds of thousands of farms throughout the Americas. By whom? by our industrious Native Folks. {Volunteers point out; Tomatoes, Potatoes, Corns and all types of Squashes were first here. Green, yellow, orange and red Peppers were raised first here and then exported. Yes, chocolate and vanilla were first here} and many more fruits,veggies and grains. Why point this out? Because we are asking all people you contact to contact Supermarket Managements to get going and start respecting our Native Folks.

Remember the Cambridge Sunshine Foundation is the New Amnesty International, and membership is free, the only membership requirement is that you work. Just below here is your link to College Radio stations throughout the United States, all of those we contacted so far are very interested in doing PSA's. Be courageous, be energetic and be diplomatic,phone and email Radio Stations etc.start contacting, you have CSF permission to represent us, we can make it real for our Native People.


Native People are Cool!
Native People are and were great Artists,they were and are a warm hearted people.Let us have in every city and town Works of Art, Native American Indian style that reveal to our children and ourselves the place we were born into, the Land of the Native People. Each community will be contacted, each community will have a decision to make on the matter of the Works of Art meanings and values. They, the Works of Art may have an ancient meaning or it aims to reveal the History of the People and Locations they are constructed in,revealing a wonderful story for all the children therein!
We are working on the displaying of Sculptured images by Natives on cultural ideas that reflect the community that they are placed into,of course with the Native Works of Art style.
Yes,really, we are very serious about Honoring our roots to make up for all the humiliation they as a People have suffered. The Works of Art style is to many a people as great an acheivement as a DaVinci or a Michael Angelo. After all the names Italian and Indian begin with and end with the same letters!
Volunteers, Here are the links to connect to City Halls throughout the Nation, let us prove to ourselves the real America!Click! 

Be daring,click here,the new You is waitng, please get to work!