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New Jersey Medicaid Program 
Offers a $1-a-Day Auto Insurance That's $365/year 

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This program is available at this local office. Call to see if your eligible. Same day-immediate coverage is available.


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NJ Dollar a Day Auto Insurance

Have New Jersey Medicaid? Call NOW to see if you are Eligible

  • Are you enrolled in New Jersey Medicaid?
  • Your driving record doesn't matter!
  • The town rating code you live in doesn't matter! 
  • Your accident record doesn't matter!
  • Even if you have a DUI or tickets, it doesn't matter! 
  • Your age, 17 -99, young or old doesn't matter!
  • Male or female, it doesn't matter! Same rates! 
  • It still only costs a $1 a Day to have legal car insurance!

New Jersey Medicaid card
If you have this card apply for this automobile plan

In New Jersey there is a Special Auto Insurance Policy (SAIP) that costs A-Dollar-A day thus $365 a year. The NJ Department of Banking and Insurance notes that the Special Automobile Insurance Policy is an initiative to help make limited auto insurance coverage available to drivers who are eligible for Federal Medicaid with hospitalization. Such drivers can obtain a medical coverage-only car insurance policy at this cost of $365 for the entire year.

This type of insurance is not dependent upon any certain age so senior citizens as well as younger drivers may be eligible.  This type of car insurance policy makes you legal to drive but does not provide any protection (Liability coverages).

The SAIP policy covers emergency treatment immediately following an accident and all treatment of serious brain and spinal cord injuries up to $250,000. This SAIP policy also provides a $10,000 death benefit.

The SAIP policy DOES NOT COVER damage you may cause to other persons or property (Liability coverage), or damages to your own car The SAIP policy also does not cover outpatient treatment (non-emergency doctor visits, physical therapy, etc.).

Under this "dollar-a-day" insurance program, qualifying low-income motorists in NJ are allowed to drive legally without carrying Property Damage Liability or Bodily Injury Liability insurance. No additional Liability is required to operate your vehicle if you purchased the Dollar-A-Day coverage and the policy only covers your injuries in an accident, not the party you damaged in any way.

This program started under former Governor McGreevey in 2003, the SAIP program allows drivers on New Jersey's roads with policies that cover no more than hospitalization for their own injuries.

Only qualified low-income residents who receive Medicaid benefits are eligible for the dollar a day policy so senior citizens are often eligible. The SAIP program does not include basic Liability coverages, but it does provides a valid New Jersey insurance identification card, allowing people who could otherwise not afford insurance to drive legally. It was designed for people who need drive locally to get to the doctor, grocery stores and to find work.

The eligibility requirements include the applicant must be enrolled in a Medicaid program that provides hospitalization. Not all Medicaid enrollees are eligible. To determine if you are eligible, bring your Medicaid ID card or call this office with that medicaid number to find out. At this office, Bob Seidenberg can determine if your eligible for this program by him contacting the Medicaid eligibility office with your special medicaid number like on the card above. The policy only covers those enrolled in Medicaid. If there is one car and several people in the household enrolled in Medicaid, they can all be covered by the same policy. However, there can only be one car per policy.

You cannot get a policy if your driver's license or registration is revoked or suspended. In addition to bringing the driver's licenses for all operators of the vehicle to be insured, and the vehicle's registration, you need to bring the Medicaid identification card for all persons to be covered under the policy.

If you do get this dollar-a-day coverage, understand since it does not include Liability coverages it would leave you unprotected in that manner, if you are at fault in an accident, you are still responsible for the damages caused.  This New Jersey car insurance is not for everyone, but it can be a great program for those on a fixed income who may have trouble affording traditional Personal Injury Protection coverage.

This SAIP policy can be obtained here at Parsippany Insurance Agency, call Bob at 973-402-7200 for more infomation. Have your Medicaid card ready and ask to see if your eligible.


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