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Rescuing Wild Quakers
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Barry A. Schwartz participates in rescue of wild Quaker Parakeets at Throgs Neck Little League Ball Field, Bronx, NY

  • Barry A. Schwartz, vice-president and secretary of Feathered Friends, is also a geologist and Construction Project Manager (CPM) at the New York City Department of Design and Construction. This City agency designs and constructs many structure and infrastructure projects throught New York City. Recently, a small-scale project at the Throgs Neck Little League ball field (TNLL) in The Bronx turned into a very big event.
  • In March 2006, due to the possibility of having to remove four nesting sites of wild Quaker Parakeets at the TNLL, Barry was called in as the agency's resident "expert" on parrots to assist. Barry, in turn, called upon qualified individuals and organizations to assess the situation at TNLL, and it wasn't until June 7, 2007, that finally, after some project delays, that the actual removal of nests began.
  • Prior to nest removal, some 41 beautiful Quaker chicks, ranging in estimated age from just a few days old to about 4-5 weeks old, along with 5 eggs, were humanely removed and placed in the loving and caring hands of Marc Johnson (Foster Parrots Ltd, Massachusetts) and Donna Dwyer of Connecticut, with Alison Evans-Fragale (Edgewaterparrots.com) and Steve Baldwin (Brooklynparrots.com) on hand to provide further support and assistance. Barry, along with DDC CPM's Richard Meserole and James Ruchalski, did the actual removal of chicks and eggs after first probing the nests with a special miniature camera.
  • The light replacement project ended about June 21, 2007, and by then, the adult Quakers, some 20-30 or so birds at last count, began to rebuild their nests. According to the directors of the TNLL, these Quakers have been residing at the ball field for over 20 years. It is believed, after observation over the course of the Summer of 2007, that they laid another clutch of eggs, and expanded the colony by building nests at three other light poles.

Rescued Quaker babies
Several of the rescued Quaker chicks awaiting transport to a safe haven.

Barry and Jim with Quaker chick
DDC CPM's show 1 of 5 chick rescued from fourth nest site

Barry Schwartz with Quaker chick
Barry is wearing a required safety respirator, goggles, and Tyvek suit while removing the birds

Close-up of rescued chick
Jim Ruchalski of DDC holding a rescued chick

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Dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Safe Harboring of Parrot Species

We dedicate all efforts in Memory of:
Casey, the Orange-winged Amazon, ?-10/15/2005,
Tori, the Lutino Indian Ringneck, 10/1/2003-6/7/2007,
Pepper, the Red-bellied Parrot, 11/25/2004-8/1/2007,
Jack, the Maximillian's Pionus, 7/4/1990-9/15/2007, and
Skye and Firecracker (Blue-Crowned and Cherry-Headed Conures), 7/4/2001-8/19/2008.
Taco, our Sun Conure, 3/26/2004-7/6/2011
"They rest comfortably now, waiting for us patiently 'til we can play again"