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Contact Us/IRS & NY State Registration Information
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We'd like to hear from you, especially if you are interested in adopting a parrot or thinking about having to give one up for adoption.

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You may also FAX us at (718) 478-8460.

  • Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services, Inc., is  a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt organization, Public Charity Status under IRS 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).
  • Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services, Inc. is registered with the NY State Department of Law (Office of the Attorney General)--Charities Bureau, NYS Reg. No. 21-36-54.


  • Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services, Inc. is incorporated in the State of New York as a Domestic Not-for-Profit Type "B" Corporation. We are NOT a retail business, we DO NOT sell, ship, or breed birds.


  • Gayle Schwartz, President of FFPAS, holds the NYC DOHMH Small Animal Care & Handling Certificate.

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Avian Welfare Coalition


National Bird Day


P.O. Box 780344, Maspeth, NY 11378
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Dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Safe Harboring of Parrot Species

We dedicate all efforts in Memory of:
Casey, the Orange-winged Amazon, ?-10/15/2005,
Tori, the Lutino Indian Ringneck, 10/1/2003-6/7/2007,
Pepper, the Red-bellied Parrot, 11/25/2004-8/1/2007,
Jack, the Maximillian's Pionus, 7/4/1990-9/15/2007, and
Skye and Firecracker (Blue-Crowned and Cherry-Headed Conures), 7/4/2001-8/19/2008.
Taco, our Sun Conure, 3/26/2004-7/6/2011
"They rest comfortably now, waiting for us patiently 'til we can play again"