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Parrots that are recommended for Apartment Dwellers.
Minimum cage sizes for a Happy and Healthy Parrot.

Often we are asked which parrots are best for apartment dwellers. The first thing we recommend is to check your lease, and ask the manager of your building if it is alright to have a parrot (or more than one). If it is not spelled out clearly in your lease, get permission in writing and have the permission letter notarized or checked over by an attorney.

The list of recommended apartment parrots are as follows:
Budgerigars (Parakeets)
Lineolated (a/k/a Barred or Catherine) Parakeets
Pyrrhura Conures (such as Green-cheeked Conures)
Poicephalus (Meyer's or Senegal Parrots)
Psittacula species (such as Ringnecks)
Pionus species (such as Maximillian's, Blue-headed)



SPECIES                                           CAGE SIZE      BAR SPACING

Budgerigar, parrotlet, lovebird     18 x 18 x 24    0.5

Cockatiel                                          20 x 20 x 30   0.5

Conure, small (Pyrrhura sp)*       20 x 20 x 30    0.625

Conure, medium (Aratinga sp)*   24 x 24 x 36    0.75

Conure, lrg (Cyanoliseus sp)*     36 x 24 x 48     0.75

Poicephalus, small                        24 x 20 x 32   0.625

Poicephalus, large*                      32 x 23 x 48     0.75

Caique *                        32 x 23 x 48      0.75

Mini macaw, small*                    36 x 24 x 48       0.75

Mini macaw, large*                    40 x 30 x 60        1.0

African Grey, Amazon*             36 x 24 x 48        1.0

Cockatoo                                    48 x 36 x 66        1.50

Macaw*                                      48 x 36 x 66      1.50

* = and other similar sized birds

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We dedicate all efforts in Memory of:
Casey, the Orange-winged Amazon, ?-10/15/2005,
Tori, the Lutino Indian Ringneck, 10/1/2003-6/7/2007,
Pepper, the Red-bellied Parrot, 11/25/2004-8/1/2007,
Jack, the Maximillian's Pionus, 7/4/1990-9/15/2007, and
Skye and Firecracker (Blue-Crowned and Cherry-Headed Conures), 7/4/2001-8/19/2008.
Taco, our Sun Conure, 3/26/2004-7/6/2011
"They rest comfortably now, waiting for us patiently 'til we can play again"