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Our Policies

Our Policies
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Feathered Friends has specific policies which have been developed for the safety, health, and welfare of birds in our trust.

Intake of Parrots

1. All parrots must have been seen by a qualified veterinarian--avian specialist if possible--within the calendar year.
2. If this is not possible, funds must be provided for us to take the parrot(s) to our veterinarian. This is a separate fee from the intake fee and we charge $150, which just covers the cost of a full check-up.
3. You must provide a clean cage for the bird you are giving up. If possible, a carrier as well. Thw cage must have all door and locks in working condition, and all cups must be present.
4. Intake fees range from $100 to $350. These fees help to support operations and the long-term care of parrots in for adoption.

Keep A Record of Your Birds!!
If your parrot has a band number, WRITE IT DOWN. Keep that number in a safe place. Take several good photographs of your bird, too. If your bird becomes lost, the band number may be the sole source of identitfication!! Get your bird microchipped, too.

As our time and schedule is very limited, we would appreciate that you honor scheduled appointments. If you canot keep an appointment, or are running late, you must call us. We cannot guarantee that we will be available after an appoinment time is made.
As has happened in the past, if you make an appointment and do not show up at all, you will be removed from consideration for the bird(s) you applied for.

Adoption of Parrots

1. The larger the parrot you wish to adopt, the more experience we require. Having Budgies is not true experience for stepping up to a Cockatoo.
2. You must ensure that the parrot you wish to adopt will receive the attention and love it deserves, along with a nurturing and exciting environment.
3. You will not resell or readopt the parrot. We expect that the parrot will be with you and your family the rest of its natural life, barring any unforseen circumstances. We do not adopt out parrots for breeding purposes.
4. All parrots, from Budgies and Lovebirds to Amazons and Cockatoos, are sensient, intelligent, emotional, and sophisticated beings, who share this planet with us. Feathered Friends asks you to treat them with the greatest of care, respect, to guard them well, and understand their needs.
5. When making an inquiry by e-mail, you must provide your name, address, and telephone number. We will not respond to anonymous e-mails.
6. HOME VISIT--We reserve the right to visit the home of the potential new guardian, as part of the adoption process. We also reserve the Right to Remand, that is, if it is made evident to us that a parrot adopted to you by us is not being cared for properly, or has become neglected or, worse, abused, we will ask that you return the parrot to us. If necessary, Feathered Friends will report all such cases to the local SPCA agency.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:


P.O. Box 780344, Maspeth, NY 11378
All inquiries via e-mail or regular mail ONLY.
We will call you back if you leave a number on your
Dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Safe Harboring of Parrot Species

We dedicate all efforts in Memory of:
Casey, the Orange-winged Amazon, ?-10/15/2005,
Tori, the Lutino Indian Ringneck, 10/1/2003-6/7/2007,
Pepper, the Red-bellied Parrot, 11/25/2004-8/1/2007,
Jack, the Maximillian's Pionus, 7/4/1990-9/15/2007, and
Skye and Firecracker (Blue-Crowned and Cherry-Headed Conures), 7/4/2001-8/19/2008.
Taco, our Sun Conure, 3/26/2004-7/6/2011
"They rest comfortably now, waiting for us patiently 'til we can play again"