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1956 Cadillac Restoration

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This page is dedicated to the restoration of a 1956 Cadillac Series 75 Limousine from 2004-2006.
Owners: Mark & Patricia Monaghan
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Purchased in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Oct, 2003
Built in Detroit, Michigan Aug 1956, 1,095 units produced. Sold at Center City Cadillac, Philadelphia, PA; owned 1956-1967 by C. Wallace Stuard Funeral Home Ardmore, PA; 1967-1970 by a fireman in Southampton, PA; then the Robert Monaghan Funeral Home Phila, PA, 1970-2003.
Engine: V-8 Overhead valves, 365 cu inches
Bore and stroke: 4.00 x 3.63 inches
Compression ratio: 9.75:1
Brake horsepower: 285 @ 4600 rpm
Carburetor: Rochester WCFB four-barrel
Chassis & Body:
Wheelbase: 149.75 inches
Overall length: 235.7 inches
Tires: 8.20 x 15
Weight: 5,103 lbs
Body, Paint, & Restoration: Ed Murmillo’s Ed’s Rods & Recks, Norfolk, VA; Engine rebuild: Ray Ingram’s Head Shop, VA Beach; Interior: Lee’s Upholstery Newport News, VA; Engine detail: PAR, Norfolk, VA; Engine repairs and maintenance: Ocean Air Auto Repair, Va Beach; Trim Rechroming: Bob Waller (NH), and New England Chrome Plating, Inc; instruments, radios, motors: D+M Restorations, Greenville,SC; wiring: YNZ’s; interior material: Original Auto Interiors, Mich.

1956 Cadillac in Va Beach, OCT 30, 2003


1956 Cadillac Series 75

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We had lobbied to get this car from my father's garage for 15 years.  When he was finally moving, he relented.  I headed up to Philadelphia with my friend Pat Adams in his new Dodge Hemi pickup, with a dual-axle rented trailer from United Rentals in Norfolk. I had purchased axle straps and tire bonnets from RJay's Performance Center, and we were ready!

The first night, it was pouring rain, and the 56 Cadillac wouldn't start. It was in neutral, but not something that I would check (70 Buick man). The 2nd night was clear, and the car started right up (despite having a jerry can of gas running into the engine instead of via the gas tank- and the battery wobbling on the top of the engine). It was a safety nightmare and an accident waiting to explode!  We put the trailer outside of the garage and my Father brought the car out in a cloud of blue smoke. He roared up the tilt trailer too fast (and didn't explain why) and then walked home.   We strapped the car in, and obviously it worked because we went up the 2nd steepest hill in Roxborough-Manyunk and it didn't move.

When we arrived in VA Beach it was dark. I attached the fuel line back up and put gas in the tank- so I was able to close the hood now. I got the car running, and went into gear. As the trailer tilted....down and off I came in a shot, 5100 lbs and I were moving quickly back towards my neighbor's trash cans and curb screaming "there are noooooo brakes!" All of the neighbors heard by the way.

Yes- Dad didn't mention that the brakes were clogged with grease and dirt and pretty much failed.

Pat Adams & I ready to head spouth from Philadelphia

Attaching the fuel line at the Virginia Rest Stop

The massive trunk and bumper!

Off to Martin's Auto Body for engine rework

Engine removal, brakes and leaks stopped

365 cu in engine at The Head Shop in Va Beach

Waiting for the engine at Martin's Auto Body

Chrome pieces in New Hampshire for rechroming

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A year wasted at American Classics & Hot Rods in Norfolk....

Sidelined at Am Classics

Bondo everywhere and no consistent effort!



8 months of rusting and sitting was enough!



They never got around to this one!

We collected our parts from boxes all over their shop

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Ed Murmillo of Norfolk (Ed's Rods and Recks) finished the job!
  • Reworked all previously done bodywork
  • Repaired holes in the trunk floor
  • Corrected the improper metal work on the Right rear quarter
  • prepped and painted in Code 10 Black
  • Custom re-wired the entire car, got all of the electronics working
  • Repaired all mssing body bolts, custom made many fasteners, and repaired all hoses and re-assembled the car from scratch
  • Corrected the transmission leak, touched up the undercarriage
  • Took great care to make it right....

First arrival at Ed's

Being properly cared for...

The real work begins!

Interior door panels repaired and repainted



Dashboard repainted

Dash & rewiring


Chrome going on...fasteners had been discarded at 1st shop!

Diagram of how it should look in the rear cmpt

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The finished product!










Gettysburg / Hershey Car Show 2007 / Bob's House

Many thanks to the following restorers and suppliers:
1. Bodywork, paint, re-wiring, re-assembly, and restoration:
Ed Murmillo, Ed's Rods and Recks, Norfolk, VA.
2. Interior: Lee's Upholstery, Newport News, VA
3. Interior Installation: Troy Olson & Mark Monaghan
4. Engine Overhaul: The Head Shop, Virginia Beach, VA.
5. Engine repairs and maintenance: Ocean Air Auto Repair, Va Beach: http://www.oceanairauto.com/index.htm.
6. Specialty Chrome: Bob Waller, New Hampshire.
7. Chrome: New England Chrome Plating, inc., East Hartford, CT.
8. Electronics, radios, and motors: D+M Restorations, Greenville, SC.
9. Engine carburetor overhaul: Ocean Air Auto Repair, Virginia Beach, VA.
10. Autronic Eye: Alan Kriss, Union, NJ.
11. Trunk Restoration: Patricia and Mark Monaghan
12. Shocks, Carburetor, Fuel Sending Unit: Ocean Air Auto Repair, Virginia Beach, VA.
13. Suppliers:
  • Coopers Vintage Auto, Burbank, CA.
  • All Cadillacs of the 40's and 50s.
  • USA Parts Supply, W. Virginia.
  • Metro Moulded Parts.
  • Steele Rubber Products.
  • Restoration Specialties.
  • Diamondback Tires.
  • Cadillac Parts Unlimited, NJ.
  • Cadillac King Junkyard, CA.
  • Arizona Used Auto Parts.
  • Constantine's Wood Center.
  • McVey's.
  • YNZ's wiring, CA.
  • Original Auto Interiors, Michigan.
  • Vintage Glass, TN.
  • Distributor rebuild: Mr. Edelstein, Chicago, Ill.

My brother's 1949 Cadillac Limousine