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This is a new front page for this site. Here you will find at the top of the links, below, a link to my original Renaissance Dance page and all of its content. I have also provided links to most of the original sources below.
What is new?
I have added a link to a scanned version of my edition of Le Roy and Ballard's cittern book of 1565, which is not on the original pages, and a revised link to the New York Public Library's copy of my transcription of the Il Papa manuscript, which is now incorrect on the original pages which I can no longer edit due to changes in Verizon's policies.
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I hope to move this content to a new location shorly. The pages on this site will likely remain here for some time, but I will announce on this front page the new location of the updated pages.
Joseph Casazza, November, 2011

Renaissance Dance Sources

Two Suggestions for Reading PnD (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, f. Ital. 972)

Magliabechiana XXV, 24

Magliabechiana VII, 1121

Bibl. Estense, Cod. ital. n. 521, segn. a J. 4, 21

Manoscritto di balletti composti da Giovannino e Il Lanzino e Il Papa; scritto da Cosimo Ticcio. [155-?] [27] p. (26-31 lines) 29 cm. (f.) Cia Fornaroli Collection. NN 72-7014766

Prospero Lutii, Opera bellissima... di gagliarda

Practise for Dauncinge Some Almans and a Pavan, England 1570-1650: A Manual for Dance Instruction

Music for the Dances in Arbeau's Orchesography

Jean d'Estrée's Books of Dance Music

Music for the Old Measures

Le Roy, Adrian and Robert Ballard. Breve et facile instruction pour apprendre la tablature (Paris, [France]: Adrian Le Roy and Robert Ballard), 1565

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