Mount the switches for the fan and pump in the blower housing by drilling a hole for each and removing some foam on the inside .  Wire the switches to the pump, blower and the power cord.  Install a 12 volt cigar lighter plug on the end of the power cord.  Check their operation and correct any problems.
            Place a peice of foam weatherstripping on the bottom of the divider in the top fiberglass box to seal it to the coil.   Place a bead of silicone sealer around the flange of the top air box and fasten it to the lid with screws or rivets.   Again , don't drill a hole in the coil.
       Insert about 3 feet of the aluminum flex tube into the 3 inch PVC vents and you can aim the air in any direction.  Glue these in place with some 5 minute epoxy.   Roll the end of the tube inside of itself so that there is no sharp edge to scratch someone.


Its all done just add about 3/4 of an inch of water and ice and enjoy.
Good Luck

Note, if you have an extra hose barb and about 6 or 8 feet of extra hose you can plug this onto the return  line from the coil and use the pump to pump the water from the cooler out of the airplane without removing the cooler.  It makes it easier to handle and you may choose to leave it in the airplane for the next trip.   You should also make some provisions to strap the unit down in flight for safety.    I am using a 12 volt jump pack to run my unit so that I have no worries about running down the aircraft battery.   When I get ready to go I turn the unit on and close the vents while I fuel and or preflight.  When I climb in it is already cooling the cabin down and there is a nice temperature difference between inside and out.  While running my checklists it is nice to have a really cool breeze keeping me comfortable..   If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a note.