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   As a photo hobbyist, I prefer to shoot raw then work the files later.  This saves me a lot of trouble setting up the camera while I am shooting.  Generally I shoot at least 7 shots to get one worth keeping.  For the rare worthwhile shot, I like to spend time fine-tuning and enhancing the image to get rendering the way I like it.

Black bee on orange flower, Sigma DP2, image uncropped. Info: ISO 50, F/5.6, 1/160 sec, EV= -0.7

Seeing Better Pixels (PDF)

Pixel Primer (most cameras over-count their pixels by a factor of four!) pdf file

Sigma SD15 First Impressions (PDF, 10K)

Click here for a good review of the Canon S90

Click here for a good review of the Sigma DP2

My own review of the Sigma DP2 (PDF, 5K)

Sigma DP2 and SD-15: Foveon sensor, 2640x1760x3 "14mp"
Canon 30D : Bayer sensor, 3504x2336x1 "8mp"
Panasonic DMC-LZ5 : Bayer sensor, 2816x2112x1 "6mp"
Minolta Dimage X : "Complementary color" sensor, 1600x1200x1 "2mp"
Canon A590IS : Bayer sensor, 3264x2448x1 "8mp"

Platform is Mac
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9
Canon Digital Photo Professional (came with the EOS 30D camera, then upgraded on the web)
Sigma Photo Pro (downloaded over the web for free)