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San Francisco as Seen From Berkeley


Early spring flowers (JPG, 327k), Canon 30D

View of US capitol, early autumn 2007 (JPG, 583k), Canon 30D

Early autumn view from our patio, Canon 30D

San Francisco as seen from Berkeley (JPG, 320K), Minolta Dimage X

View of Yosemite, Minolta Dimage X

Lake Barcroft Dam after a heavy rain (JPG, 2 meg), Canon 30D

Jefferson Memorial (113k), Minolta Dimage X

Tom's High School Photos

Circle of Friends, 1968

Circle of friends, 1968 (JPG, 237k)

Egg of Life (JPG, 321k)

A group of us, including me (JPG, 250k)

Beach Freshmen, 1966 (JPG, 283k)

Cheerleaders (JPG, 264k)

My camera was a Minolta Hi-Matic 9, bought for about $120.  I used mostly 35mm Tri-X black-and-white film at ASA400 (now ISO400).  I took the photos, then I developed them, enlarged them, and printed them.  It was messy and smelly work dealing with photo chemicals.  Thankfully with digital, there are now no more chemicals to handle!