Maryland Street Racing History Born On 4/27/2008

The Who's Who of Street Racing History

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The purpose of this page is to remember the people who made it all happen.  The people who raced of course but also the spectators, the engine builders, etc.  Let's not forget the women behind the men.  Afterall how exciting would the racing have been without the race fans.  Reader participation is encouraged.

Here is a partial list of people (from a very long list) I remember or have heard about. Entries are made in no specific order.  We will try to write a short bio of a few of the players each week so stay tuned. We will try to include everyone.  Call or e-mail us with your ideas and info.
Bob Spicer, Bob Amoss (aka The Sauce & Moon Racing Team), Ken Jennings, Kenny Spencer, Kurt Gross, Bud Preston & son Mark, Cliff Sebring, Tom Coomes and Dave Baumgardner. 
Steve Schott -  Steve used to frequent the hang out spots in the early eighties, with his 1969 Mustang coupe 351 c.i. The 'stang ran 12.7 e.t. @ 108 mph. There is a picture of Steve with this car on our photo gallery page. Also, he is on the race accounts page (Schott vs. Mink).
Larry Dayhoof- Larry hung out at the Ellendale St. Car Wash circa 1972. He had a  blue 1968 Roadrunner 383 c.i. with 391 gears. He was a 1971 graduate of Bel Air High School. 
Charlie McDaniels - Charlie was a regular at the hang out spots in the 70's & 80's. He owned a 1966 Mustang, blue '67 Camaro & a green 1966 big block Chevelle. He was a racer.  He still lives in Maryland.
Ron Walker - Ron frequented the hang-out spots in the seventies. He's owned  a number of 50's and 60's Corvettes. He's also owned a 1969 AMX and a 1929 Ford, among others. He is a lifelong Harford county resident.
Ronnie Scherer - He was a regular at the hang outs in the early 1970's. He is most remembered for his silver 1970 SS 350 Nova 4-speed. As a youth he worked at Rhonda Miller's Sunoco in Benson, Md. He still resides in the local area and is a plumber.
Carroll Anderson - Carroll was a regular at the hang out spots in the early 1970's. He is most remembered for his 1955 Chevy.  See photo #37 on the "Notables Page". He is also known for a black 1967 Z/28 Camaro (no photo at this time). I believe he lives in the Harford County region and is a manager for Weiss Markets.
Dick Sills -  Dick was a regular at the hang out spots circa 1970. He is most remembered for his 1965 Buick Skylark. See photo #'s 33, 34 & 35 on the "Notables Page". I believe he is a Harford County resident and is married to the former Vicki Bonn.
Dave Baumgardner - Dave was an active street racer in the early seventies. He owned a red 1969 Nova. The car was nice looking,clean and very fast.  Gary remembers seeing the Nova at the Bel Air hang out spot (Ellendale St. car wash) circa 1970. It was the 1st street machine he'd ever seen with a lift off trunk lid. Gary thought the car was really awesome. "A race car on the street."  There is a race account involving this car on this website on the Fast Earls Race Accounts page. Dave also owned and street raced a green 440 Roadrunner in the early seventies. The word on the street was that Dave could get more races with the Roadrunner than his Nova.  The last time Gary saw Dave was in 1982.  Dave was working at Coleman Brothers Speed Shop in Elkridge, Md. at that time. If you know what Dave is up to today, please contact us.  
Mike Trott - He was a 1971 graduate of Bel Air High. Mike was a regular at the Bel Air hang out spots in the early 1970's. His 1st car was 1953 Hudson S.J. His next car was a 1960 Falcon. Most people remember his 3rd car, a 1955 Chevy. The Chevy's 283 engine was replaced with a 327 ci, which was rebuilt by Harford Machine Shop with a Crane cam and the usual goodies. The seats were rolled and pleated and one of our readers remembered its' blue interior lighting. Mike's car can be viewed on the photo gallery page, #8. Today, Mike is recently retired and lives in Joppatowne, Md.  
Bunky Parslow - Bunky was a regular at the Bel Air hang-out spots in the 1970's. He had a 1948 Cadillac hearse, a 1955 Chevy, a 1958 Corvette and a blue 1967 Chevelle with Cregar S/S wheels. All of these vehicles were street driven. He also had a white V-8 Vega project which was painted by Vale Body Shop. In the early eighties, he had a performance parts sales business on Bond St. in Bel Air and drove a blue 1964 Coupe Corvette with Center Line wheels. Our favorite was a 1965 Dodge that he bought from us. Bunky still lives in Harford county and has a 1964 yellow Olds. 
Joe Gerst - A.K.A. "Hemi Joe".  Nowadays known as "5.0 Joe". Joe has been involved in racing since the early seventies. The 1st car he is remembered for was his orange 1970 426 Hemi Challenger. Joe is from Perry Hall, Md. He was fond of running the Challenger at Cecil Co. Drag-O-Way thru the mufflers. For the last decade or two Joe has been bracket racing a Lincoln Towne Car with a 5.0 litre engine. Joe sells real estate and still lives in Perry Hall.  
Glenn Mauzy - Glenn was a regular at the hang-out spots in the 1970's. He had a 1966 big block Chevelle. It was light green metallic with Cregar S/S wheels. He was a mechanic at the Del Haven Service Station. He still lives in Harford County.
Duane Letke - Duane was a regular at the hang out spots in Bel Air, Md. in the early 1970's. I remember him driving a 1970 beige Torino, a white fastback 1970 Mustan & a  blue1968 LeMans.
Charlie Hicks - Charlie was a regular at Maria's in the early eighties. He drove a great looking black, Ford P/U 4wd that had a lift kit and big tires. The truck was always super clean.
Jeff Loeser- Jeff was a regular at the hang out spots in the 1980's. He had a 1970 Z/28 Camaro (street machine) and  a mid-seventies Vega race car. In September 1987 Jeff was involved in a crash in the Vega at the track. He was not injured but the car was badly damaged. (more info in the future)  He still lives in Harford County and manages the Battery Warehouse near Bob Bell Chevrolet on Rt 1. 
Reg Dixon - Reg was a regular at the Bel Air hang out spots in the mid-seventies. He is a Chevy enthusiast. He is most remembered for his white 1968 Camaro and his gold 1970 Chevelle 396 ci/375 hp 4 speed. He still lives in Harford County and owns an automotive repair business - Reg Dixon's Service Center @ 6 Colgate Drive, Forest Hill, Md. There are stories on the Race Accounts page involving his Chevelle.
Lance Conrad - He was a regular at the hang out spots circa 1970. He had an orange 1970 AAR 'cuda. 340 c.i. with 3 2bbl carbs.  
Bruce Freeman
Bruce was a regular at Maria's in the early eighties. He is remembered for his black 1970 Torino. He was working on a Zephyr years ago but I don't know what became of that project. I beleive he is working for Kunkel's Auto Parts in Bel Air, Md.
Brad Austin
Brad was a regular at the hangout spots in the eighties. He is most remembered for street racing in a green 1967 fast back 'cuda with a 440 ci engine rebuilt by "Little" Howard. He also owned a couple of 1969 440 Darts and a black 1972 340 Duster. He owned a Chevy powered Toyota pickup as well. His current ride is a 1969 fastback 'cuda with a 340 ci engine.  He also has a 1967 fastback 'cuda that is nearing completion with a b.b. wedge engine. He is a 1979 graduate of Bel Air High School. He lives in Forest Hill, Md.
Richard White
He was a regular at the Bel Air hang out spots in the early seventies. He is most remembered for his green Pontiac Le Mans. This car sported slotted aluminium wheels. He eventually added a hood scoop and some trick paint graphics. His nickname was Hair. He also had for a while a gold 1955 Chevy with a Mopar drive train (383 ci/727/8 3/4 rear). I don't know of any races he was in but his cars were always looking good!
John Murgatroyd
John was a regular at the hangout spots in the 1970's. He's always loved driving fast cars. He grew up in Fallston, Md. Over the years John has owned many cars, including a red 1970 340 4spd Duster and a 1967 Chevelle. He currently owns a fast Mopar (440 Dart).  
Gary Hoyt Culler
Gary was a regular at the hang-out spots in the early 1970's. He had a 1968 fast-back maroon Mustang. It was one of the few fast Fords in an era dominated by Mopars and Chevies. I'm not sure if he drove or towed his car to the hang outs.  More info to be posted at a later date.  He graduated from Bel Air High in 1968.
Randy Peters
Randy was a regular at the hang-out spots in the early 1970's. He owned 2 Mustangs. His 1st was a 1968 coupe and his 2nd was a 1970 fastback. Both were blue. The 1970 may have been a Boss 302. He may still live in the area and repairs large trucks.  
Don Mink
Don was a regular at the hang out spots since the early 1970's.  He's had numerous cars over the years.  The following is a few of the more note worthy ones, which he street raced. 1969 Camaro, 1970 Roadrunner and a 1970 Chevelle. All of which are mentioned on the Race Accounts page. I also expect to see him named on our memories page in the future.  He grew up in Jarrettsville, Md. He worked in the auto repair field, including some with the late Randy Hall. Don still lives in Harford County.
Bob Spicer
Bob was a regular at Reuben's Restautant in Bel Air, Md., a popular hang out spot in the sixties.  He lived in Hickory,  He had a red 1957 Chevy street machine.  He and his brother Sam also had a 1955 Chevy track car that they raced at area drag strips. The 1955 was a record holder for approximately 1 year.
Dave Martin
Dave was a regular at the Bel Air car wash hang-out spot in the early 1970's. He had a light blue 1968 body style Camaro.  I hope to have some race accounts involving Dave in the near future. 
Mark Hawkins
Although I don't remember Mark "hanging out", he was involved as the performance parts provider for Ed Jesiolowski, Gary Bevard, Donny Palm & others. He sold "Direct Connection"/Mopar parts at the Village Dodge Volvo Dealership's parts counter in Bel Air, Md.  He was known to give a generous discount to the racing crowd. His low parts profit deals for these racers resulted in the sale of at least two new Dodge trucks, that I know of,  for the dealership. Mark still lives in Bel Air and over the years has his play toys have included a 1957 Volvo and a 1967 Nova S/W (if memory serves).
Dick Herbert
One of my favorite street racers from the sixties era.  Being 10 years younger than Dick, I always associate him with his  orange '69 GTO Judge. The GTO had a big block chevy motor in it at the time.  When I started hanging-out in 1970, he had one of the top street machines in Harford county.  I was never lucky enough to watch him street race but I did hear the race results at the hang out spots.  The word was out that he was fast.  He let me drive "The Judge" when I was 18, what a thrill! His sister and wife would accompany him quite a bit while cruising in the early 1970's. They were a nice group. They always added to the good times on those summer nights so many years ago. Everyone I've ever spoken to about Dick, remembers him as a great guy. I can still picture Dick, leaning against his car, having a smoke on those long ago nights.   
George Donhauser
George started his life long association with auomoblies while attending Bel Air High school.  His 1st car was a black 1964 Galaxy (conv.) His next car was a black 68 Camaro convertible. His 1st well known street racing car was his new '73 Gold Duster 340.  He raced it until it was hit by another vehicle one night at Jady's circa 1977.  Whereupon he purchased the red 440 powered '63 Dodge 330 from Dave Hypes. George still owns this car. He ended his street racing career in late 1983 and began bracket racing with the Dodge and a Plymouth Arrow as he still does today with his family and friends. George has been a professional auto mechanic for many years.  Locals will remember him from his days at the B & E American garage in Fallston, Md. and  the Getty Station at the corner of Rt 22 & Bond St. in Bel Air.  These days George and Dan Haga run the Dell Haven Service Center at 801 Conowingo Rd., Bel Air, Md. 
Linda Cantler Donhauser
Linda had very cool  orange 1970 Nova SS.  She and her siser Donna were often at the hang out spots together.  She and George Donhauser have been married for many years. They have a teenage daughter who is interested in racing. They are involved in bracket-style racing. Whatever became of the Nova?   
Kenny Spencer
He is best known for his streak of match race wins in his factory 1969 440 white 'cuda. Most say his was the street machine to beat from 1969 - 1973. Kenny was also involved in racing that went on during the mid fifties era on route 40, in an area known as the BATA flats.  Kenny had a high-speed 1956 Mercury in those days. If you worked at BATA Shoe back then you may have seen or participated in a race at lunchtime. How cool is that! Kenny is 78 years young and is currently living in Virginia. 
Doug Hinkle - 
In the early seventies Doug had a green 318 Duster. Then in the late seventies he was driving a yellow 340 Duster and a white 1969 340 Dart. In the early 1980's he dropped a 440 engine in the '69 Dart. Each of these cars was street raced. His street racing days ended circa 1984. Today he cruises in a 1964 Plymouth with a big block wedge. He owns and operates Hinkle Automotive Repair in Bel Air, Md. 
Ronnie Pickle
Ronnie is most remembered for his gold 1968 383 ci Roadrunner.  He was a regular at the car wash in Bel Air in the early seventies.  He street raced the car as often as he could.  He still lives in the Harford County area.  Ronnie has worked in the heating and air-conditioning field for many years.
John Heaps - John and his wife Lynn,  frequented the hang out spots such as Maria's, etc. in the early eighties.  They had a blue 1969 Chevelle with the cars name, "Good Vibrations", emblazoned on the side.  John and Lynn were good people. They were helpful to other racers, especially when a vehicle needed to be trailered. John is remembered as the "hero" of the Harford Mall, after he noticed a fire on the roof of the mall and ran in to warn people.  John's wife was an employee at Montgomery Wards.  John was written up in the Aegis (local Harford Co. paper) for his quick action. 
Dave Clark - Dave was a regular at the hang out spots for many years. The 1st car of Dave's that I remember was his green 1968 Firebird.  I believe he helped us measure and paint the accurate start/finish lines at the popular street race locations. Dave currently participates in cruise events at Lowes in Abingdon, etc., in his white pro-street Firebird. He and Derrick Clark are brothers.
Jimmy Brinegar - Jimmy was a regular at the hang out spots in the seventies and was often involved in street racing.  I remember his dark blue 1969 GTO, a teal 1969 340 Dart,  1967  396 Chevelle & a blue 1969 B.B. Nova. He ran a speed shop business in Fallston, Md. in 1977 - 1978.  In the eighties, I believe he travelled the U.S. with Larry Kopp, who was involved in drag racing.   
Don Palm - Don started hanging out in the late 1970's. He owned a few Dusters and is most remembered for his green 1970 Duster in which he dropped a junk yard 383 big block engine.  He installed a used hemi grind cam and some bolt on goodies.  The car ran pretty good considering the very low monetary investment.  Don has owned many Mopars since the 1980's.  He was part of a bracket racing team with Roger Dalton.  He now lives in New Hampshire, where he runs a successful sheet metal business and has a collection of Mopars ( a couple of which are quick).
Bill Suitt - Bill was a regular at the Bel Air hang out spots from the mid sixties to the mid seventies. The car most people remember him for was an orange 1969 factory 440 'cuda. The car was ordered by the guys at Wilson Motor Company of Aberdeen, Md. and was purchased by Joe Hybner of Aberdeen. The car was black when new, then painted orange later on.  Bill bought the car from Joe in the early seventies. I'd like to thank  Bill for providing me with street race info from the mid-sixties thru the mid seventies. Bill still lives in Bel Air with his wife Joan who he probably met while she was visiting one of the local hang out spots in her yellow duster.
Earl Owings - aka "Fast Earl". Earl is most remembered for the street races he won in his maroon 1965 427 Corvette (Photo on our viewer response page).  The car got really quick circa 1968 when Earl dropped in a GM crate motor that was souped up at Karl Thau's Valley Speed Shop by Bud Jones with help from Harvey Crane and some cylinder head work by "Little" Howard Laudenklos. Earl held a track record at 75-80 Dragway in the A/S class in 1969 w/ an E.T. of 11.48. Earl worked for the railroad at one time. Earl is now 62 years old and lives near Harford County.
Doug Webb - Doug grew up in the Jarrettsville, Md. area.  He is most remembered for his  butterscotch colored 1971 Dodge Demon.  The Demon was 1st raced with its' original 318 engine then upgraded to a 340 c.i.  Doug was very inolved in racing and visited the hang out spots from time to time. I've heard that Doug has recently re-purchased the Demon. I am hoping to see it in action again.
Dave Hypes - Dave was a regular at the hang out spots in the seventies.  His 1st car was a  red 1966  Dart GT convertible 273 commando 4 speed.  He had numerous vehicles throughout that era, ending with ownership of a 1963 Dodge (the former White Lightning currently owned by George Donhauser).  Dave is known for his abilities as a auto mechanic.  Many local racers have sought him out over the years to work on their engines/transmissions. Davis is currently restoring a 1969 Chevelle, that was at one time street raced by Kenny Barr.   Dave lives in Bel Air and has been spotted attending the local car cruises.

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