1972 Small Block, Carb, TH-350 Trans

This is the engine/ trans combination from a '79 Malibu I built. Eight years ago, some rat ran a stop sign and pushed my trunk 18 inches to the right, but the rest of the car was perfect. I saved these two in my garage ever since, and they are in great shape. The Malibu had enough grunt to run down Mustangs even with a 3.42 rear ratio. I want to sell them together to a single Buyer for their own project.

Engine Block was from a 1972 350, 4 barrel truck. I had it completely rebuilt with 10:1 pistons, a decent street cam, a Weiand spreadbore intake, and a #9895 Holley 650. I am almost certain the block has 4-bolt mains, but I did not remove the pan for pictures.
  Engine - from Side
  Engine - from Rear
  Engine with Carb and Air Cleaner
  Engine - Top

Engine - Date Codes -- An on-line article confirms that the engine is coded as May 1972 (Here). The casting number and code suffix "TDR" is for a 1972 4 barrel truck engine. (Here).

  Engine Casting Number - Referenced here
  Cylinder Head - Spotless. No build-up or sludge. Looks like new.
  Cylinder Head Casting Number - Desirable "3973487" heads. They have 1.94" valves. Look at how clean the rockers are.
  Inside Valve Cover - It looked like this when removed to find the numbers. I did not clean this at all.
  Holley 650 CFM Carb - #9895
  Carb Numbers
  I planned to simply install a new pan gasket and rear main seal, and pop it in a new car. (It's been sitting on the pan for 8 years. I would be afraid that the bottom gaskets would be compressed a bit.) You can decide for yourself whether it is worth the effort to tear it down.
Transmission Turbohydromatic 350 . Completely rebuilt in 2000 or so. Has about 15,000 miles on it. It looks new. Street-tuned torque converter gives a bit of a jump, but doesn't hurt mileage.
  Trans - Passenger Side
  Trans - Driver Side
  Trans - from Above