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The owners of Maryland Pride Nursery are proud to offer their Maryland and Virginia neighbors locally-grown, high-quality Leyland Cypress, Green Giant Arborvitae, Crape Myrtles, tree hollies and Southern Magnolia. If you are looking for a beautiful, living privacy screen or windbreak, we may have just the trees you need. Our large selection of Crape Myrtles will add an explosion of late summer color as well as year-round interest to your landscape.
Maryland Pride Nursery is a small, family-owned part-time business located in scenic and historic Southern Maryland. We grow our plants for sale to local customers.
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Our Plants
Our inventory sometimes changes quickly so please contact us to inquire about varieties and sizes.
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Crape myrtle is a flowering tree that provides spectacular summer color with little maintenance. These trees are often used in home landscapes and as street trees in community developments. They are long-lived, can withstand drought after becoming established, and are relatively disease- and pest-free. We offer a variety of colors including white, red, pink, coral, lavendar and purple. Most varieties provide year-round interest with beautiful exfoliating bark and autumn leaf color.

Evergreen trees for screening or specimen planting - The following trees will typically reach 30-50 feet in height.

Leyland Cypress - an evergreen tree with thick foliage often used as a living privacy screen or windbreak. Leylands have become a popular addition to home landscapes because they are fast growers,  very adaptable to a variety of soils and conditions. Grows best in full sun.

Green Giant Arborvitae - very similar to Leyland Cypress in growth rate and form, the Green Giant has no significant insect or disease problems. It is resistant to deer, bagworms, ice and snow damage. It also is adaptable to most any soil condition and has a superior root system.  Grows best in full sun.

Cryptomeria (Japanese Cedar) - a graceful evergreen that can be used for screening or as a specimen tree. Older trees feature ornamental reddish brown bark; foliage becomes bronze in the winter but returns to green in the spring. A more shade-tolerant alternative to Leyland Cypress when used for screening purposes. Grows best in full sun.

Southern Magnolia - the grand old tree of the South. An evergreen, flowering tree that features elegant dark green leaves and large fragrant white flowers in late Spring/early Summer. Often used as a featured tree in the landscape. Grows best in full sun.

American Holly Tree - shade tolerant and can grow under larger trees, the American Holly is considered by many gardeners the finest tree-type evergreen holly. Red berries contrast with its green foliage in winter. Can be used as a screen or specimen. Grows best in full sun but tolerates partial shade.

Koehne Holly Tree - a fast-growing, pyramidal evergreen with glossy dark green foliage and large red fruit. Can be used as a screen or specimen. These female hollies require a Koehne male plant to produce berries. Grows best in full sun but tolerates partial shade.

For more information on our plant varieties, care, and pruning tips, please visit our 'Plant Info Links' page.