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About the Calvin and Hobbes Album

Welcome to the "About" page. This is brief history of the site.
In 2002, I discovered that I could have a website on Yahoo! Geocities free of charge. I began work on a personal site that exists today in much better form here. I discovered Calvin and Hobbes around this same time, which was also the time I recieved a scanner. Put two and two together and it equals a few enormous yet badly scanned C&H strips shrunk down so they'd fit on they page. Of course, they are unreadable.
A screenshot of the first version of this site.
Click here to be taken to a replication of version 1.
I began to understand the ways to use PageBuilder (Geocities' site building software) to my advantage in 2004, when the site took a little more shape with actual pages by section. I moved it to it's own shortcut URL as Calvin and Hobbes World. It had a nice design but was, as many of the amateur sites are, generic. I had it for a long time, but no site ever found it and marketing didn't occur to me. I probably had no more than 2 visitors a day. I took it down with the message you can still see today, here. I went out of the C&H website "business" until October 2005.
A screenshot of the first real site. Click here to go to a page of it.
It was then that I launched the Yahoo! Group everythingcalvinandhobbes. Michael Goonan joined the group, and when I took a short break to write some of my comic strip, A Different World, I asked him to take over moderating for a short time. As it turned out, he continued even after I returned, and the group, this site, and his Calvin and Hobbes site worked perfectly with each other.
With his connections, more members came to the group, in turn, more people found out about his then-obscure site, and it prompted me to launch a new, better C&H site (this one), which with links on many Calvin and Hobbes sites has gotten over 1,000 visitors a week since January 2006. The group as now almost 60 members and is the most succesful C&H forum on the web.

The Calvin and Hobbes Album was extremely successful in 2006, possibly classified in the top 5 C&H sites around, when it's web hosting provider deleted all of it's files. It then merged with it's sister site and rebuilt. And that is what you see now.
Thanks for visiting!!

CaHA- the Calvin and Hobbes Album is 2002-2006 Adam Fisher-Cox.
Any images are Universal Press Syndicate and are believed to fall within the US Supreme Court's Fair Use Act.

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