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CHS Winter Concert
Great job with the Winter Concert! I had many compliments.  I am looking forward to great things in 2014!
I plan on writing a story and posting the videos on the CHS Video Gallery.

Anything Goes Pit Band
Pit Band will be starting on Jan 4th from 2:30-4:30.  Complete schedule is posted on the "Pit Band Info" page. Please see Mr. D if you need to receive your book.

 Newcastle County Band Festival


 Congratulations on an amazing performance at the Newcastle County Band Festival. Once again you opened up a lot of eyes. You gave your best performance of the year. Congratulations on your superior rating and a great season! 

No parent booster meeting during January. We will need help with the musical and our spring concert. More information to follow.  The next meeting will be the first Thursday of February.

We have a full board!  I am very excited to work with our new board.  
We are always looking for new boosters members. Contact Mr. Dombchik or Mrs. Mayne if you have any questions. All volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer CSD Packet prior to working with the band. This is a new CSD requirement. See Mrs. Mayne for volunteer forms.
All booster meetings will be held on Thursdays this year. 

 Working at the Bob Carpenter Center.  New sign-up sheet is on the band room and choral doors. Please Sign-up for specific events.  This needs to be done ASAP. This is a great way to build funds for the individuals and the organization.
Bob Carpenter Center-Students(and parents) can work at the "Bob" and raise money for both the band and students individual internal account. 

Uniform and Operations Payments
New Band Members will purchase a Band-Shirt, shoes and gloves.
New Color Guard members will purchase a body suit, shoes and T-Shirt. I have put in the order so now I am in need of payments.  A separate check should be written to Jennifer Luoma for the bodysuit.  Thank you for all the students that have already turned in their payment.
Returning members will turn in an Operational Payment.  This will help with the overall operations of the band program.  Please return forms ASAP.
Handbook Forms 
Please return handbook forms ASAP.  I would like all forms turned in by Aug. 30th.  Students cannot travel until all medical and permission forms are turned into Mr. D.
Please check the website pages for updated information.
The band website address can be found on the band page of the Christiana High School Website 

Please read Mr. D's blog for important information. 











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Friday, September 6, 2013

Great job with the Labor Day Parade!
Great job with the labor day parade. I heard a lot of positive feedback. I am looking forward to seeing growth during the next three weeks.  We have a lot of work to do but we are in a good place.  Please make sure you adjust your schedules to fit the Sat. rehearsals.  These rehearsals will be very important to the success of the band.
9:13 pm est

Friday, August 30, 2013

Steel Drum performance and marching band progress
The steel band did an amazing job at the CSD BBQ.  I heard many positive comments from guests at the BBQ.
The band has a good start but will have a lot to do over the next month.  We will have some Sat. rehearsals to get ahead in the show. I will be putting together a monthly calendar so everybody can just put it up in the their house.    
I am looking forward to the Wilmington Labor Day Parade.  The band has worked very hard to put this early parade together.
11:38 am est

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