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Martin Tower, Bethlehem Pennsylvania
view from southwest

Martin Tower
     1170 8th Avenue, Bethlehem, PA, Lehigh County

Model Info:
     Created with Sketchup 7
     Uploaded from Sketchup 6
     All texture and web photos taken by Philsey.
     Latest revision uploaded on 02/11/09
     Status:  Accepted into the "Best of 3D Buildings" Layer in Google Earth.

Martin Tower Statistics:
     • Former world headquarters of the Bethlehem Steel Corp.
     • Built in 1972.

     • 330 feet tall with 501,269 ft2of floor space plus 53,229 ft2 in basement.

     • 21 Stories high and built with a cross-shaped floor plan.
     • Floor plan maximizes corner offices and window offices.
     • Named after then Beth. Steel chairman Edmund F. Martin.
     • Designed by Architect Haines Lundberg Waehler.
     • Purchased for $2M in May 2006 by the current owner:
          SWB LR LTD et al
          c/o SWB LR LTD
          2295 Corp. Blvd., Suite 222
          Boca Raton, FL  33431

Marin Tower Model
image of Sketchup Model

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