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About Me

The United States was involved in the Second World War from 1941 until 1945.  America and its allies faced off against what was known as the axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan.  Thus, a brutal and costly war caused both the citizenry of America and the government to undertake an all out mobilazation at home to ensure victory. 

This website will examine one aspect of the effort: anti-Axis propaganda.  During the war years, a large quantity of propaganda items were made to educate Americans about the enemy and to make sure we understood who and what we were up against.  Sometimes these images were comic and made us laugh, and at other times they were simply frightening.  Even before today's world of political correctness, some of this propaganda crossed the line of what was reasonable and in good taste.  Regardless of the immediate reaction to the propaganda, it didn't change the fact that the United States was locked in a life or death struggle with Adolf Hitler's Germany, Benito Mussolini's Italy and Imperial Japan.  Today, these propaganda items have become highly sought by a variety of collecting interests.

As you examine the pages in this website, you will see many items from my personal collection of anti-Axis propaganda, including posters, greeting cards, matchbooks, postcards, games, and a variety of three-dimensional items. These are merely samples of the anti-Axis propaganda made in the U.S. as there were thousands of items made. 

The content of the propaganda does not reflect my personal beliefs nor that of any of my fellow collectors, historians, enthusiasts, or the website but rather is displayed here for historic value and our need to remember our history so that we may comprehend the positive and negative in our past.  Nobody supports racism and hatred.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping in for a visit.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.  Contact information is available in the About Me section.


Bowling Pins with images of the axis leaders.
These are among the most rare anti axis items.

God Bless America.