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Mike Hudson, founder of Friends of the Red Knot

The founding member of the Friends of the Red Knot Club is Mike Hudson, a 14 year old bird lover in Baltimore, Maryland. At the age of 10, Mike learned about the Red Knot while attending monthly birdwalks led by his local Audubon Society chapter. After doing some on-line research, Mike decided to find a way he could help save this bird. He shared what he had learned with his friends, Austin Roth-Eagle and Harry Huntley. The three boys planned a program about the Red Knot to present to their school, the GreenMount School. (View the school's website at In January of 2007, Mike, Austin and Harry taught their fellow students about the problems facing the Red Knot. Finding that other students were also interested in helping save the Red Knot, the boys formed an after-school club, and The Friends of the Red Knot was born!
During February and March of 2007, fifteen students between the ages of 7 and 13 met weekly to plan their campaign to save the Red Knot. The first session was attended by Dr. David Curson, from Audubon MD-DC. He spoke to the kids about the threats to the Red Knot, and what could be done to protect this shorebird. In subsequent sessions, the students focused on launching a letter-writing campaign, asking the Secretary of the Department of the Interior to place the Red Knot on the Endangered Species List. Club members drafted letters which they planned to circulate as widely as possible. They would start with the school community, and then reach out to friends, family and other contacts, asking for people to sign and send copies of the letter. The students were very interested in using the internet to spread the word, both through e-mail and a web site.
The Friends of the Red Knot Club timed their campaign kick-off for Earth Day weekend. On Friday, April 20th, 2007 the club again addressed the GreenMount School student body and faculty to present their letter and solicit signatures. Club members then began to circulate the letters, and the web-site was launched.
The Friends of the Red Knot Club continues their work of spreading the word about the plight of the Red Knot.

Friends of the Red Knot at the DuPont Nature Center

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