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Thanks to the Shorebird Project Team for all of the hard work thay do to help the Red Knot and other shorebirds. You inspire us to keep fighting for the Red Knot. Follow the work of the Shorebird Project Team at their blog

Thanks to Nick DiPasquale, Conservation Chair at Delaware Audubon, for many things. Nick has helped spread the word about Friends of the Red Knot and introduced us to other organizations and individuals who share our goal. He has kept us informed about news and events related to Red Knots and horseshoe crabs, and has generously shared his knowledge and advice with us.

To learn more about Delaware Audubon click here

Harry and Anna Fink showing off their Red Knot t-shirts

Thanks to Harry Fink for our awesome domain name, and for all of his technical help and advice. He has been a true friend to Friends of the Red Knot!

Dave's son, Seamus, is the youngest Friend of the Red Knot

Thanks to Dave Curson of Audubon MD/DC for guiding us through many birdwalks, for nurturing Mike's love of birds, for teaching us about the Red Knot, and for his continued support and advice. Without Dave, Friends of the Red Knot wouldn't exist!

Find out about what else is going on at Audubon MD/DC

Thanks to the Urbanite magazine for including an article about Friends of the Red Knot in its August 2007 issue. We especially appreciate the efforts of Susan McCallum-Smith, Karen Houppert and Alex Castro for doing such a great job of telling our story.

To view the article, click here.

Thanks to Caroline Kennedy and Ryan Cree of Defenders of Wildlife for putting Friends of the Red Knot on the map. Caroline has provided advice and encouragement, and arranged for us to meet and assist the Shorebird Project scientists. That was a day we'll never forget! Ryan introduced the world to Friends of the Red Knot with his article in the June 2007 Defenders E-Newsletter. The response was inspiring, with many on-line readers ready and willing to send a letter to Secretary Kempthorne.

Click here to learn about the important work being done by Defenders of Wildlife

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