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There are NO SMALL VICTORIES...Every accomplishment should be celebrated!!!
Mission Statement: Education. Empowerment. Inclusion.
No Small Victories endeavors to promote autism awareness education, self-advocacy empowerment, and inclusion for families living on the autism spectrum. 
Autism: A group of developmental diasorders which significantly impairs cognitive,social and lanquage development growth.*
Statistics: Current statistics from the Centers for Disease Control estimate autistic births in the U.S. to be 1:110. (Males affected 4 times as often as females at 1:70 based on averages of subject study communities).*
Characteristics of Autism
  • May avoid eye contact
  • May prefer to be alone
  • repetitive movements or sounds (known as "stimming" or self stimulation)
  • Rigid routines/insistence on sameness
  • Inappropriate attachment to objects/preoccupation with things 
  • Inappropriate laughing or giggling
  • Apparent aversion to touch
  • No real fear of danger 
  • Apparent insensitivity to pain
  • Sustained, unusual or repetitive play, uneven physical or verbal skills
  • Engaging in stacking, lining up of objects or toys without imaginative play
  • May engage in parallel play; will play along side other children, but with no engagement of others

These guidelines are not a definitive diagnosis and anyone suspecting autism in your child should consult your pediatrician. 


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Office phone: 413-426-9539


Join me and Joshua on our journeys through autism in our No Small Victories autism awareness children's book series!
  • Joshua and the Startabulous Dream Maker.
  • The Adventures of Suther Joshua from Planet Yethican!
  • Joshua That's Sooo Slimming!!
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