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Welcome to the International Theos Organization

Our Vision:

All people of the world will fulfill their basic needs of: food, shelter, education and health, while participating in meaningful work, cultural activities and their local democracy.

Mission Statement:

The International Theos Foundation provides resources, financial and material, to organizations making a difference in providing unique and/or critical services to humankind throughout the world. Resources are provided to local organizations helping the "poorest of the poor" to improve food, shelter, health, cultural, and education opportunities, as well as other critical services required to support democratic societies. Resource allocation will be based on availability and local needs.

Founding Concept:

Both Deborah and Russell McKinnon are successful executives and believe in "making a difference". Both wish to share their sense of caring with the world community.  They see the International Theos  Foundation as a vehicle to wisely reallocate available resources to the  neediest of people, supporting basic human needs, enhancing education, while supporting the expansion of democratic and cultural institutions.  The term "Theos" has been borrowed from the Greek language and means "wisdom".  The Foundation hopes that "the wisdom of the ages" (John Locke, Thomas Jefferson . . . ) can be shared with all people and that all  people will have opportunities for: good health, meaningful work, and the potential to participate wisely in their democratic society.


The International Theos Foundation began as a self funded organization with total assets in 1999 of approximately $50,000.  Investments are returning capital that will provide future resources for capital distribution to the "poorest of the poor". The Foundation will raise funds from sources outside of the current list of directors.  Additionally, the Foundation will seek material resources for redistribution to those in need.
Key Organizations for Support
For many years we have been helping the Humana Rehabilitation Project (HRP) in Northeastern Tanzania.  The tribe supported by HRP is located near Shinyanga, Tanzania.  Our support for HRP has been through its most able leader Reverend Dustan Mututa.  While the majority of our support has been for food, we have also helped the HRP obtain used Wheelchairs.  The need for additional support in this area remains. 
Additionally, the HRP needs support to develop a clinic and all that it entails.  These needs include: beds, medical supplies, medical equipment, medical personnel, the development of a plan for the building of a clinic, and more ...  For additional informaiton, please contact Reverend Dustan Mututa at:
Other organizations
We would also like to support other organizations, but have lacked the resources to do so.  These include: RAM (the Remote Area Medical organizaiton).  RAM literally flies doctors into remote rural areas of the world to provide medical assistance to those in need.  Here is there contact info: Remote Area Medical, 1834 Beech St., Knoxville, TN 37920; 1-865-579-1530;; RAM is currently looking for Volunteer Pilots.  There telephone number is: 865-579-1530.
It should be noted, that we also have been significant supporters of Project Hope and Smile Train.  We would encourage others to consider helping these organizations.  They provide outstanding service to those in need.
A very notable success has been the Melanesia Education Development Foundation (MEDF) in Papua, New Guinea.  Through their able leader, "John Senior" Kambowa, MEDF has been able to expand their education services to more than 200 children.  During 2011, MEDF was also able to develop a Computer Lab to serve the students.  For those interested, there is a direct link to the MEDF web site.  They will appreciate your support.
Mentoring -- We are now providing "in-kind" mentoring services to non-profit organizations.  Through the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) we were able to sponsor, for travel to the US in 2011, the Executive Director of the African Association of Museums.  Rudo Sithole was thus able to meet with staff of ASAE.  We also hosted a luncheon for Rudo.  Through this event, she was able to discuss management issues with a former CEO of the American Association of Museums and two other Association Executives.
Additionally, through CIPE (Center for Int'l Private Enterprise, Washington, DC), we are working with the Women Business Owners Jamaica.  Our initial thrust will be to help this organization with its Strategic Planning.  The President is Yaneek Page. 


Kondipi Man dressed up for school fundraising.


Kondipi childern celebrate the opening of a new school made possible with funding from the ITF.

Here are a few of the more than 200 Kondipi children being supported by MEDF and the International Theos Foundation.
Russ McKinnon, Deborah McKinnon, Zainab Salbi (Women for Women Int'l) and Warie Brock (SIA, South Atlantic Region, Governer) presenting  $6000 donation to Women for Women International. ITF matched this grant (2004)
Russell McKinnon (left), ITF President, presenting a check supporting La Huella to President Jorge Batlle of Uruguay
Russell McKinnon (left), ITF President, with Uruguayan President Batlle  and Hugo Fernandez Faingold, Uruguayan Ambassador to the USA

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Helping people of the world meet their basic needs.