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Welcome to the home of Bruce and Tanya Smith's Flower Garden. We are located in Western Pennsylvania just outside of Beaver Falls. We are a hobby garden, but welcome visitors and have plants available.
These photos are the results from 11 years of hybridizing. In our 7th year we were lucky enough to get 2 seedlings that we will register with the AHS. The 2012 seedlings were the best so far; our efforts are really starting to pay off, giving us a number of seedlings in the evaluation beds showing much promise.
It seems our breeding Show Beagles has helped us with our new endeavour of hybridizing daylilies.
Hybridizing isn't as easy as most folks think! Making seeds and growing them does not make a hybridizer just as breeding dogs without a plan gets you nowhere. Understanding the genetics of your plants will go along way in the decision of what crosses to make.
If you have an interest in hybridizing then look to folks that have been hybridizing for 20-30 years as they are worth their weight in gold with knowledge. Make the time to walk their seedling beds with them and listen to what they say. That's the best information you'll pick up and will save you many years of frustration.
We hope you enjoy the photos of our seedlings. The seedlings shown are from the 2012 year. Not all are in the evaluation bed and the ones that are; few will have the plant habits that we look for to be introduced, but still some will be used in our programs.
Leave us feedback and/or an email to let us know what your favorites are. Better yet come for a visit if your in the neighborhood.
Welcome to our addiction.

Below is the 2007 seedling bed at 10 months of growth in September. The seeds were planted indoors in November 2006 under intense lighting.


PUT A SPELL ON YOU (B&T Smith 2011)


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our website. We welcome your comments. Just leave them in our guestbook.

      You reap what you sow