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Back from vacation. Still able to pick up the Empress, but in a few years it might be the other way around. My latest motto: "Nine does not whine."

Trieste, Aug 2013

Poet, editor, teacher, translator. friend and "fairy godmother"...words are never enough to describe a life.

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What's New:
THE WIDOWS' HANDBOOK, co-edited by me and Lise Menn, an anthology of women’s poems about their/our experiences of widowhood, will be published by Kent State University Press in February 2014.  In addition to our own poems, it includes a foreword by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court and work by 85 other women, old and young, gay and straight, facing irrevocably changed lives after the death of their spouses or partners. 
While the book is in press, we're collecting contact information for the many different categories of readers we anticipate (hospice & healthcare professionals, bereavement networks, clergy, social workers and therapists, book club networks, friends and families of widows) and encouraging contributors to plan group readings in whatever venues they are able to line up (bookstores, libraries, parish halls, community centers, university buildings, cafes).
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