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Boat Launching

The closest launch area for our property is West Alton Marina which is approximately a halft mile distance.

West Alton Marina & Boat Storage, (603) 875-7788, Rr 11, Alton, NH 03809

Launch sites in Alton (see map)

  • West Alton Marina; At the junction of Route 11 and Route 11-A. Fee: $15; Parking: included and $5 for each additional car
  • Roberts Cove Marina, Roberts Cove Road. (off map) From the Alton traffic circle, proceed 5.5 miles towards Wolfeboro and turn left onto Roberts Cove Road. Fee: $15; Parking: unknown
  • Alton Bay at Downing's Landing; Just east of the Route 11 bridge. Fee: $15-$20; Parking -on site
  • Alton Bay public launching on the west side, about 1/4 mile north of the Route 11 bridge in a public parking lot. No fee; Public parking for trailers about 1/2 mile away

Launch sites in Gilford

  • Ames Farm Inn; Route 11, 2.2 miles west of Route 11-A; Southwest of Diamond Island. Two launch ramps. Fee: $20 (volume discounts available);  Parking: No charge (And Don Ames says that they have never run out of room, even during fishing derbies)
  • Glendale; Off Route 11; Next to Marine Patrol headquarters; 0.7 miles east of junction Route 11 & Route 11-B. Gilford residents only; Fee: none; Parking: yes
  • Fay's Boat Yard; From Jct. 11/11B, go east on route 11 for 0.1 mile, turn left onto Varney Point Rd. Fee: $15; Parking: nearby
  • Silver Sands Marina no longer offers boat launching.

Launch sites in Laconia (and Weirs)

  • Christmas Island; Weirs Boulevard; 1.4 miles south of the Weirs Bridge on the east side of Paugus Bay. Free for motel guests, $10 otherwise (both in and out); Parking for guests only
  • Bait & Tackle only: no launching facilities: Paugus Bay Sports; Weirs Blvd.; On the east side of Paugus Bay
  • Lakeport Landing Marina at southern end of Paugus Bay; Jct. Elm Street & Union Ave; 603 524 3755; Fee: $20; Parking: no
  • Bait & Tackle only: Anchor Marine; At Weirs Beach

Launch sites in Meredith (see map)

  • Meredith public docks; downtown Meredith on Route 3 at the public parking lot, Mount Washington Dock. Fee: yes; Parking for trailers is nearby
  • AJ's Bait and Tackle (no launch facilities); Main Street; (see map)
  • Meredith Public Docks, Lovejoy Sands Road, Meredith. From Downtown Meredith, proceed north on Route 25 for 0.2 miles; Turn right onto Pleasant Street at the Lakeshore Deli. Go 1.1 miles on Pleasant Street and 3.0 miles on Meredith Neck Road and turn left onto Lovejoy Sands Road. Launching is adjacent to Shep Brown's Boat Basin. Fee: $20; Parking: yes
  • Y Landing Marina (bait & tackle; no launch facilities), Powers Road, Meredith.

Launch sites in Center Harbor (see map)

  • Center Harbor public docks, downtown. Fee: yes; Parking: short walk
  • Conway's Bait & Tackle (no launch facilities); on Route 25, 1.1 miles north of traffic lights

Launch sites in Moultonboro

  • No launch; Bait & Tackle only: Trexler's Marina, Moultonboro Neck Road
  • Moultonboro public launching, Long Island. From Route 25 and Moultonboro Neck Road, proceed 6.2 miles south/east on Moultonboro Neck Road and cross onto Long Island. Launch site is on your left 0.2 miles after crossing bridge. Fee: unknown; Parking: Requires Moultonboro beach & dump sticker
  • Harilla Landing, Long Island. From Route 25 and Moultonboro Neck Road, proceed 6.2 miles south/east on Moultonboro Neck Road and cross onto Long Island. After crossing bridge, proceed 2.2 miles on Long Island Road. Fee: unknown; Parking: unknown
  • Lee's Mills. From Moultonboro Center, proceed 0.4 miles south on Route 25. Turn Left onto Blake Road. At end of Blake Road, turn right onto Lee's Mills Road and proceed to end. Fee: none; Parking: yes
  • State Landing. From the intersection of Route 109 and Route 25 (at the Moultonboro Airport), proceed south/east on Route 109 for 2.8 miles and turn right onto States Landing Road. Go 1.0 miles on States Landing Road. Fees: unknown; Parking: unknown

Launch sites in Tuftonboro

  • Melvin Village Public landing off Route 109. Fee: none; Parking: unknown; Nearest Bizer dealer: Melvin Village Marina 1/4 mile to the south/east.

Launch sites in Wolfeboro (see map)

  • Opposite the Libby Museum on Route 109, off-map 3.1 miles northwest of town; Fee: none; Parking: no
  • Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard, Sewell Road, Wolfeboro. (off map) From downtown Wolfeboro, head west on Route 109 for 0.2 miles, turn left onto Sewell Road and proceed for 1.0 mile. Fee: unknown Parking: unknown
  • Back Bay Marina, Bay Street, Wolfeboro. Fee: unknown; Parking: unknown.
  • Wolfeboro Public Launch site, Back Bay. In downtown Wolfeboro, go one block north (away from the main lake) on Railroad Avenue. Launch site is behind the old Wolfeboro railroad terminal. Fee: none; Parking: yes
  • Wolfeboro Public Launch site, Main Street. In the public parking lot behind shops. Fee: none, Parking: none for trailers; Nearest Bizer dealer: Wolfeboro Bay Outfitters in the parking lot. Bait and tackle sold here, too.

Map of boat launch areas, West Alton Marina is closest to Sleepers Island


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