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Places to eat by boat

Listed Clockwise around the Lake Starting in Wolfeboro

Listed Clockwise around the Lake Starting in Wolfeboro                       
Restaurants accessible from Wolfeboro public docks                                  
  • Wolfeboro Pizza                                                                              
  • Strawberry Patch 
  • Yum Yum Shop 
  • Garwoods (docking) 
  • Maddie's on the Bay 
  • Joe Green's 
  • Upper Deck 
  • Loves Quay (Customer Docking)                                                    
  • Wolfetrap (Customer Docking) 
  • Wolfe's Tavern 
  • Bakery on Mill Street 
  • Deli on Mill Street 
  • Downtown Market Grille 
  • An Ice Cream shop on Railroad Ave and one next to the Mount Washington's Dock 
Restaurants accessible in Alton (see map below) (grid I-19 on Bizer's map):
Pop's Clamshell 
Shibley's Restaurant 
Bay View Pavilion 
Olde Bay Diner (Breakfast and lunch.  Check out their table covers). 
Shibley's Take Out 
J.P. China (Chinese Food) 
Dockside Restaurant 
Sandy Point Restaurant; off map 0.1 miles southwest of light #23; limited docking for customers. 
Owl's Nest; off map south of Diamond Island, about 0.3 miles east of the Alton/Gilford town line (Grid H-12 on Bizer's chart) 
Restaurants accessible in Gilford:
Ames Farm Inn; 0.9 miles southwest of Diamond Island.  (Grid H-12 on Bizer's chart); Breakfast and lunch; Usually open from mid-June through Labor Day; Some docking for customers. 
Townsend's Tavern 
Restaurants accessible in Laconia (Grid K-5 on Bizer's map unless specified otherwise)
Bridgeway Restaurant at Weirs Bridge (Docking for customers). 
Naswa Resort; 0.3 miles south of the Route 3 bridge on the east side of Paugus Bay; Opposite Channel Marine;  Docking for customers (just below map) 
Liliuokalani's Ice Cream and Coffee Bar (yogurt & pastries, too), 0.6 miles south of the Route 3 bridge; 0.3 miles northeast of light #82.  Docking for customers. 
Christmas Island Steak House on the east side of Paugus Bay, 0.7 mi SSE light #82. 
Restaurants near the Weirs Public Docks; 0.5 miles southwest of light #1 (see map above)
Smokehouse Restaurant 
Weirs Beach Lobster Pound 
Pier Restaurant (on the water) 
Food Pavilion 
Nothin Fancy Mexican Bar & Grill 
Many walk-up walk-away fast food restaurants such as hot-dog stands, fried dough, etc. 
Restaurants accessible from Meredith public docks (See map below) (Grid J-01 on Bizer's map)
Town Docks Restaurant 
Chase House 
Giuseppe's (Italian); in Mill Falls Marketplace 
Waterfall Cafe; in Mill Falls Marketplace 
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream; Mill Falls Marketplace 
For Every Season 
Huck's Hoagies; Main Street 
Karen & Barry's Italian Bistro; Main Street 
Phu Jee - Chinese Food 
Sunshine & Pa's; Main Street 
Meredith Bay Bakery & Deli; Main Street 
Mame's; Plymouth Street 
George's; Plymouth Street 
Brother's Pizza at the traffic light 
Boathouse Grille at Bay Point (w/ Customer Docking) 
Lake Side Deli - Reported closed, May, 2007 
Flurries; Ice cream & quick food; Route 3. 
Dunkin Donuts; Route 3 
Restaurants accessible from Center Harbor public docks (See map below) (grid F-00) on Bizer's map.
Canoe (Formerly Harborside; Formerly Checkers Harbor) 
Bay Gulls Deli (bagels & coffee, too) 
Sam & Rosie's Cafe 
Ice Cream at the top of the hill - Reported closed, May, 2007 
Coe House - Reopened under new management, 2007 
Red Hill Dari (take-out ice cream, burgers, etc) 
Center Harbor Diner (breakfast & Lunch) 
Food accessible in Tuftonboro 
Pine Cone Cafe just east of Melvin Village.  From the Tuftonboro public docks, just west of Melvin Village, it is a 0.7 mile (1.2 km) walk.  
Pier 19; Nineteen Mile Bay; Grid B-09 on Bizer's map; 1.0 miles (1.6 km) east of light #11; Deli (in grocery store); take-out ice cream, hamburgers, french-fries, etc (outside grocery store) (Customer docking) 
Cow Island.  The "restaurant" on Cow Island is not really a restaurant.  It's more like a catering service.  It serves a fixed menu at fixed times to groups of 20 (+/-).  They're usually booked for the entire summer by mid May. 
Bizer's list of Grocery Stores, Markets, and Convenience Stores
On Lake Winnipesaukee
Rather than dine out, you've decided to eat at sea.  Maybe you want the full variety of a supermarket.  Maybe you're boating along and you just have a hankering for a Pepsi and some potato chips. Well, BIZER has been all over this lake and we'll help you locate those groceries.  Well, this list provides all types of groceries from full service supermarkets to teeny-tiny convenience stores.  If you want a list of restaurants, go to the top of this page.  This list is clockwise around Lake Winnipesaukee, starting in Tuftonboro.  The map grid on Bizer's chart is also given.  NOTE: On weekends in the summer, there may be a wait for parking at public docks.
Grocery Stores in TUFTONBORO:
Pier 19 Mini-mart with docking for boats; Nineteen Mile Bay, Grid B-09 on Bizer's chart; 1.0 miles east of light #11.  Bizer has never had a problem with parking here.  For speed, Bizer suggests that you navigate on the northeast side of Chase's Island because there is a NO-WAKE zone between Chase's Island and Farm Island. CAUTION: watch for automobile traffic as you walk across route 109. 
Grocery Stores in WOLFEBORO: 
Hunter's IGA Super Market; 60 South Main Street, 0.1 mile from town docks.  Walk up the hill and it's on your left.
Grocery/Convenience Stores in ALTON:
Market on Route 11 at the corner, about 0.1 miles below the Alton public docks (see map) (Grid I-19 on Bizer's chart) 
Convenience store located at King's Marina, Minge Cove (Grid H-15 on Bizer's chart) 
Convenience Stores in GILFORD:
Convenience store located at Ames Farm Inn on Route 11. (Grid H-12) 
Grocery/Convenience Stores in Laconia:
Convenience store located at Channel Marine; Grid K-05; in Weirs Channel; 0.5 miles south of the Route 3 Bridge. 
Convenience store located at Anchor Marine, right next to the public docks; Grid K-05;0.7 mi southwest of light #01 
Market located near the Weirs Public Docks, at the northern end of the pier. 
Grocery/Convenience Stores in Meredith:
Convenience Store located at the Mobil Gas Station just across the street from the Meredith Public Docks; Grid J-01 
Convenience Store located at Y landing Marine; Powers Road; Grid G-3 
Grocery Stores in Center Harbor (see map below):
E. M. Heaths; Supermarket; Just a walk up the hill from the public docks; Grid F-00; Full Groceries; Deli 

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