Lake X Group ,IMPBA District 1 ,Portersville,Pa.16051

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The Lake X Group web site is a great way , keep members informed, and attract a broader audience by introducing ourselves to the community. We'll use this site to inform people about our club, share ideas, and organized events and activities.
    Having fun is  most inportant,saftey (IMPBA RULES) Sharing ideas with other R/C boaters. Followng park rules. Helping new members.
  Spending time with special interest groups.The kids enjoy the boats and this is a way of bringing in new members.

Lake X

  The Lake X group is a group of R/C boaters using Nitro,Gas,Electric,steam,etc. Time trails,will be held here.
Need Boots to Launch
Some members like to fly float planes. Having fun is most important.We need to share the park as it is for the puplic use.

Be sure to get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

Lake X
Race Site

                         FOR  DIRECTIONS
Moraine State Park
225 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Portersville, Pa.
16051 USA.
Click link below for picture of events area.
Elevation  1188 FT
LAT. 40 Degrees  56' 30"  North
LON. 80 Degrees   5'  14" South 

Ray The Hammer Sametz

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