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2009 COFAQUE Winners

1st 2nd 3rd
appetizer Que Krewe Smokin' Eddie brother's ugly
cantonese pork jalapeno poppers janet's surprise
sides not grilled Goofus and the Newbs Sand Bar Smokin' Eddie
Beans Cornbread Cole Slaw
Chicken Smokin' Somethin' Smokin' Eddie Charcoal Chuck and the Party Pigs
Chicken Chicken Thighs
Other Grilled (non-meat) RadPan  Team Rodeo Sofa King
Portabellos Portabello sandwich
Beef Smoke-A-Delic Goofus and the Newbs Charcoal Chuck and the Party Pigs
Sliders Steak Sticks
Game Charcoal Chuck and the Party Pigs Que Krewe Sofa King
Venison Rabbit Venison
Random Meat RadPan Golden Corral Smokin' Eddie
Lamb Buffalo Bacon Explosion
Seafood Charcoal Chuck and the Party Pigs RadPan Smoke-A-Delic
Salmon w/Crab Imperial Shrimp
Dessert Golden Corral Charcoal Chuck and the Party Pigs Sand Bar
Grilled Cobbler Bananas Foster Bread Pudding
Best Bar Team Rodeo Sharkey's Pirates
Pork Smokin' Somethin' Goofus and the Newbs Smokin' Eddie
Butt butt Butt
Beef Brisket Goofus and the Newbs Hog Pashon Suzy's Q
Pork ribs Hog Pashon Smokin' Eddie Charcoal Chuck and the Party Pigs

2008 COFAQUE winners


Beef (not brisket)
1. Red Sox   Steak
2. Goofus    Round roast
3. Grill on Grill   skirt steak

Pork ribs
2. Red Sox
3. Sandbar

1. Sisters Pretty   Shrimp Bruschetta
2. Light My Fire   Bacon Asparagus
3. Goofus and the Noobs   Jalapenos

Sides (not grilled)
1. Sandbar   Cornbread salad
2. Death B4 Disco   Cornbread
3. Goofus   Beans

1. Smokin' Eddie   Blueberry something
2. Lite My Fire   Bacon Ice Cream
3. Grill on Grill   Peaches

Random meat
1. C-Chuck   Lamb
2. Sofa Kings   Frog Legs
3. RADPAN   Lamb sausage

Other grilled (non meat)
1. Q Krewe   Zucchini
2. C-Chuck   Mediterranean salad with veggies
3. Brew B Q   Corn

1. Q Krewe   Salmon
2. Donnor Party   Shrimp
3. Lite My Fire   Rum and Pepper Chilean Sea Bass

1. RADPAN   Venison
2. School O' Q   Venison
3. C-Chuck   Venison

1. Suzy’s Q - Chicken
2. Grills Next Door   Wings
3. Va Varmit Cooking Assoc   Chicken

1. Suzy’s Q   Pulled Pork
2. Goofus   Butt
3. Smokin' Eddie's   Butt

Beef Brisket
1. Goofus
2. Gone Fishin'
3. Smokin' Eddies

Presentation/People's Choice
1. Charcoal Chuck
2. School O' Q
3. Clink Bar

Best Bar
1. Clink Bar

2007 COF-A-Que Winners


2006 COF-A-Que Winners