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Frequently asked COF-A-Que questions

For General attendees:

What does COF stand for?

Circle Of Friends

Will there be beer there?

We will not be serving beer this year..

Will there be other drinks?

Yes, we will provide water.

Can I bring my Kids?

Yes, we always encourage bringing kids. We even have some kid

events. COF-A-Que is a family friendly event.

Can I bring Fireworks?

No, absolutely not!!!

Can I bring my dog?

No, absolutely not!!!

How do I become a judge?

We would love for you to be a judge, just click the "be a judge" link, the sooner the better

Can I bring my fishing pole?

No fishing, sorry



For cooks and teams:

How do I enter my team in the event?

Click on "be a competitor" link and just tell us you want to be a part of the fun and give us your team name and

we will do the rest.

Do I have to tell what I’m cooking?

Nope, only if you want to

Will there be electricity?

Short answer is, No, not for the teams.

Long answer is electricity is NOT allowed for cooking, warming, prep, or

serving. If you provide your own electricity you may use that for

decorations, lights, or blenders.

How much food do I need to plan on cooking?

Cook to compete & Cook to give away

Lots of people will want to try what you are cooking so make enough to share, it makes for a better party.

Do I have to pre register?

Yes, We need to know how many teams will be competing so we can insure enough cook sites are available. Cook sites will be assigned by lottery on Friday afternoon. See the Rules page for more information.

Pre-registration is available by clicking on the This year's competition link.

Can I build a fire on the ground?

No, absolutely not!!!

What do I do with trash/recyclables?

We will have dumpsters on site as well as Recycle and Trash barrels throughout the event. Please recycle all plastic, glass and aluminum whenever possible.