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Build or Buy and outdoor wood furnace?
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I offer a complete set of easy to read, drawings of my Masonry Wood Gasification Boiler. This is a do it yourself project that can save you thousands of dollars a year in heating cost. 

I can help with the design process for your individual needs. Load calculations. Resources for refractory’s, high temperature mortars and all piping and fittings supplies. How to find the most important part of the boiler for free.

What Wood Boiler Manufactures’

 Do Not Want You To Know

Is that their boilers are inefficient.

Ask them what are the temperatures inside their fire chamber? What are the exit temperatures? Do they use refractories? Is your unit open to the atmosphere? What about cracking? What about adding chemicals every year to keep corrosion in check?What about freeze protection?

In my opinion after 10 years of use buy another unit for $6000-$10,000



Heat Exchanger Piping

The heart of the wood stove. All the piping from the hot water coils to the house.

Copper coils wrapped around the flue to pick up more heat.


Optional Thermal Storage

Add a stainless steel thermal storage tank for pennies on the dollar.

Find out how when you order you plans


Starting to cover the outdoor wood boiler.


The outdoor wood gasification boiler in operation for the winter of 2007. I estimate that I saved this year alone $2500 in heating cost. I am looking at a savings of $25,000.00 in ten years

Order you complete set of drawings $70.00

Contact Chuck at 410 303-3064

You will receive: Detailed drawings that incorporate every known principal on gasification. How to install the heat exchangers, where to obtain the heat exchangers for little to no cost. Expensive steel boilers are subject to rust, cracked welds, leaking water; open to atmosphere allowing oxygen into the system. This leads to corrosion. The masonry boiler is a closed loop system, pressurized with safety relief valves. The masonry also acts as thermal storage. The refractory chamber made from fire brick insure temperatures above 1200 degrees.





A&C Contractors *Cambridge, MD* USA * 21613
Call to order. 50% Non-refundable deposit required on all custom orders.
Chuck 410 303-3064