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Build? or Buy and outdoor wood furnace?

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Build or Buy and outdoor wood furnace?
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What shall I do? I researched purchasing a stove for over a year. I was actually approved for two leading stove manufactures as a dealer. I could have bought a unit at cost. Yet I still decided to build my own. Why? For me I had the time and the know how and I feel I have a better product. If i were to purchase a boiler I would buy one from Tarm or from Greenwood. However both units are not for outdoor use.

Things to consider:

Cost of the unit?

Cost of installation?

Cost of freeze protection if outdoors?

Is the stove a gasification stove?

Can I really cut all that wood?

Do you enjoy going out doors at 3am to load wood when it is 10 degrees out?

If I had to buy wood. I personally wood not built or buy a stove.

I would not by a stove that did not achieve gasification.

I would not purchase a stove with any thing less then a 25 year warranty.

Thermal mass stove? Thermal storage? 20 gallons of water? or 600 gallons?

My suggestion

Do your research. Ask questions. Know exactly what you are buying. Ask opinions from Heating specialist. Talk to those who have installed a water stove. This site is to inform you so you can be better equipped to make the right decision for you and your family. Good luck. As a Master licensed HVAC man for thirty years and through all my hundreds of hours of research. Developing my own wood gasification outdoor boiler. With the knowledge I have obtained with my many years of welding, steel fabrication, and building various things. I endorse only two wood stove manufactures. Other good gasification boilers may be out there. If you know of any others please send along the information.


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