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With this system you could drastically reduce your current electric bill. Or, eliminate it!

 NEW FOR 2008

14.1% Module Efficiency !
Qty. 7 Top Of The Line Suntech STP175S-24/Ab-1 175 Watt, High Efficiency, True Grid Tie Class Solar Panels With A 25 Year Factory Warranty And MC Connectors !

Qty. 7 The Top Of The Line CEC Approved Grid Intertie Inverters.

Qty. 7 The Top Of The Line Micro Inverter Installation Kits.

Qty. 1 High Quality Unirac Roof Mounting System.

Includes MC Quick Connect Plugs.

This System Is Expandable !

Ask us about the optional EMU (Energy Management Unit) which is a communications gateway device which relays performance statistics from the Micro-inverters to the Enphase Enlighten™ website where the performance of each and every solar panel in this system can be monitored over the Internet.

Ask Us About Our Larger Sun Starter Systems

 This is a 1,225 peak DC watt utility intertie system that has a PTC rated output of 1,022.02 watts and with 5 hours of peak sunshine, this system will produce up to 153.30 Kilowatt hours per month., with 6 hours of peak sunshine, this system will produce up to 183.96 Kilowatt hours per month..*

Important : Click here to learn the difference between STC versus PTC

Click Here To Watch A Video Of This Amazing New Product

A Solar Electric System May Actually Increase Your Home's Value

A study by ICF Consulting which was funded by the Housing and Urban Development Department and the EPA concluded that energy saving measures such as solar can add $20.00 of home value for every $1.00 in yearly energy cost savings.

Click here to view a reprint of ICF Consulting's report titled : Evidence Of Rational Market Valuations For Home Energy Efficiency. Where the $20.00 increase for every $1.00 in yearly energy costs savings is explained.

The Sun Starter VI Grid Intertie system is perfect for reducing your monthly electric bill. No batteries are needed because this system utilizes a grid intertie power conditioning unit. You'll actually become a mini power company selling power back to your utility company while the sun is shining. If your power production exceeds your power consumption, depending on the type of meter you have you will be able to actually watch your meter run backwards, what a sight !

Call toll free at 410 303-3064 for further information concerning this system.


*The above system price does not include sales tax or installation. If you live in California then sales tax will apply to the base price. Tax credit amounts are approximations. Please see your tax preparer to make sure that you qualify for these tax credits. Shipping is extra.

***Peak sunshine is defined as sunshine which is available during clear sky conditions between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM. Your system's performance may vary depending on factors such as, geographic location, the angle at which your solar panels are tilted, time of year, degree of annual cloud cover, pollutants in the air, dirt and guano (bird droppings) build up on the solar modules, time of day, obstacles to sunlight such as trees and buildings, and the direction that the solar modules are pointed at.

**(Your rebate amount may vary depending on expected system performance and will be calculated based on equipment ratings and installation factors, such as geographic location, tilt, and shading.)

* The Home Depotģ and SunPowerģ are the registered trademarks of Home Depot Inc. and Sun Power Corporation respectively. Solar Home Inc. has absolutely no association with either of these companies.

**Illustrations may not be to exact scale or shape.

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And A Better Negative Tolerance Rating Than The Competition.

According to the following manufacturer's own specification sheets, the Suntech STP175S-24/Ab-1 monocrystalline solar panel offers a better negative tolerance rating than the Sun Power line of solar panels, the BPline of solar panels, and the Kyocera line of solar panels. A better negative tolerance rating means that you are guaranteed of getting more of the power that you paid for.

The Suntech STP175S-24/Ab-1 also offers a longer warranty than the Sanyo 180 through 205 watt panels and the Kyocera 170 through 200 Watt panels.


List Price $18,965.00

Sale Price

Exciting News !

A limited time 30% Federal tax credit is now in effect. Up to $2,000.00 for residential installations and no cap for commercial installations. Hurry, this tax credit expires at the end of 2007 !

A & C now offers easy financing so you can join the thousands of utility customers who have said goodbye to high electric bills with relatively little or nothing down !

Top Of The Line Components !

Every system that we sell includes only the very best components available on today's market ! In fact the solar panels used in every Solar Home system actually provides for a bigger rebate than many other name brands on the market and come with a 25 year power production warranty !

Click here to see what financial incentives your State is offering !


It is best to call us and let us calculate an appropriate system size that will meet your needs. But in a nutshell we will need to know your average monthly or daily electrical usage in Kilowatt hours or Kwh, you can obtain this information by calling your utility company and ask them for this data. Be sure to determine whether the number that they are providing you with is Kilowatt hours per day or Kilowatt hours per month.

Although the following method is not as accurate as calling your utility company, you can approximate this number if you have a few copies of your electric bill. What you will need is a copy of your bill which represents your average Winter usage lets say January as well as your average Summer usage, lets say July. For example if your Winter monthly usage is typically 600 Kwh and your Summer usage is typically 1000 Kwh then your average monthly Kwh would be up to 800 Kwh.

Next we will need to determine your average daily usage. This is simply done by taking the average monthly Kwh number and divide it by 30 days. In the above example 800 Kwh per month divided by 30 days equals 26.67 Kwh per day. This is how much power your system will need to produce per day in order to up to eliminate you electric bill.

Next we must take the daily Kwh number and divide it by the average number hours of full sunlight that is available to you on a daily basis. In California that number is up to 5 hours. There is obviously more sunlight available during an average day especially in California, but what we're concerned with here is FULL sunlight. So in our above example 26.67 Kwh or 26,670 watt hours, ( Remember Kilo means One Thousand ) divided by 5 hours equals 5.33 Kwh or 5,334 Watt hours.

Finally we will need to factor in the size of the solar module that we are using and we'll know how many modules we'll need to up to eliminate the above mentioned electric bill. A typical sized module used in this type of system has a PTC adjusted rating of 103.9 watts. So we would take the 5,334 Watt hours mentioned in the above calculation and divide that number by 103.9 watts per module and we get 51.338 modules. There is no such thing as a .338 module so we will need to round up to 52 modules.

The above example would apply if you wanted to eliminate your bill, cut it in half or eliminate what ever increment you wanted from your bill. Simply take the number of modules that you would need to up to eliminate your bill and multiply that number by .75 to up to reduce your bill by three quarters, .50 to up to reduce it by half or .25 to up to reduce it by one quarter.

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