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Enter the cost you pay for your various fuel types in the 'Local Cost'
column and then press the 'calculate' button. Click reset to reset the values.
Fuel Type Approximate Heating Value Of Fuel Quantity Of Fuel Required For Equal Quantity Of Heat Local Cost Calculated Cost
per TON
Natural Gas 100,000 BTU/THERM 260 THERMs $
Propane 92,000 BTU/GAL 282.7 GALs $
per GAL
#2 Heating Oil 140,000 BTU/GAL 185.8 GALs $
per GAL
Wood 20,000,000 BTU/CORD 1.3 CORDs $
per CORD
Wood Pellets 16,000,000 BTU/TON 1.63 TONs $
per TON
Electricity 3413 BTU/KWH 7618 KWHs $
per KWH

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