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Shore Solar Solutions- The only Authorized  Dealer in Maryland For The Alaska Stove Company!

Alaska Stove  The Alaska Stove Company has been designing and constructing reliable solid fuel residential heating solutions for over TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. Located in the scenic town of Bloomsburg, PA, Alaska Stove continues to be innovative and insightful. All our stoves are manufactured at this location making them 100% American Made.

 Alaska Stove offers customers access to several of our exclusive enhancement systems. We have the Clean Glass System and the Auto-Heat System. Another benefit is the ability to use the Alaska Stainless Steel Power Venter which can be used on any Alaska Stoker Stove and the Alaska Direct Vent System.

 We also carry one of the most comprehensive warranty packages, including 10 year Body/Workmanship, 1 year Electrical, and 2 year feed system Warranties. 

This Kast console 3 is heating my 4500 sq ft home for under $100 dollars per month It's out put is from 5000 BTU to 85,000 BTU



An Alaska Stove insert. This family has two stoves in their home and has reduced their heating energy bills by 30%


A Libertity Alaska Pellet Stove
5000 To 85,000 BTU Out Put

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Call to order. 50% Non-refundable deposit required on all custom orders.
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