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Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan

Engineered to be the High Quality Solar Powered Attic Fan!

 Currently Solar Attic Fans are on Sale

Critical Design Factors that impact solar powered attic fans and that are unique to this product include:

1.  Minimize backpressure of exhaust gases.

  • Incorporation of an angled throat design within the flashing that provides a venturi effect,  increasing the airflow.

  • Designed to minimize any air flow obstructions in the flashing and shroud components.

2.  Maximize the exposure of the sun to the solar panel.

  • Designed with a mounting bracket that houses the solar panel and allowing for optimizing the angle of the panel.

  • The mounting bracket also allows for remote mounting of the solar panel that allows for optimal panel placement.

3. Minimize the ambient temperature of the solar panel to minimize power output losses as temperature increases.

  • Powder coating over the entire assembly in a neutral gray color ensuring that it does not act like a heat sink.

  • The solar panel mounting bracket allows for an envelope of cooler air to continually circulate around the entire solar panel allowing maximum electricity output from the panel to run the fan motor.

4.  Adaptable to any location, roof type, in any environment.

  • Constructed of .080 (14gauge) aluminum, the flashing and shroud are seamless ensuring weather tight installations.

  • Stainless steel animal protection screen.

  • Stainless steel hardware throughout.

  • Powder coated to withstand any environment.

  • Fifty year Neutral Cure silicone bonds the flashing to the roof.

By the use of industry's leading manufacturer's solar panels, quality low voltage motors, precise construction techniques employed and the high quality materials used, this product is covered by an industry leading 5/10/25 Year Warranty by Natural Light.

Contractors contact us for large volume needs.

  Or Call Our Order Line 1-410 -303-3064  M-F

Start harvesting your electricity with our renewable energy equipment's more than money your saving!

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