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Add Beauty & Elegance To Your Home With Natural Lights

Brighten your kitchen, bath, closet or any dark room with a Natural Light Tubular Skylight!


• Natural Light tubular skylights save on electric bills
• Brighten dark rooms with natural light
• Natural Light tubular skylights fit all roof types
• Manufactured with leakproof aluminum flashing
• Natural Light skylights are maintenance-free
• 25 year warranty on all tubular skylights

Super Vent Fan (SVF)

Super Vent Fan (SVF)
The bathroom is unquestionably one of the most popular rooms for added light. Yet large amounts of warm moisture laden air can be an issue. Natural Light comes to the rescue again with an integrated skylight exhaust system. Our Super Vent Fan (SVF) is capable of exhausting 125 cfm, enough to vent a bathroom and shower stall. Natural Light’s ingenious design disguises the intake vent in a sleek trim ring that holds the skylight diffuser. No more ugly vent grates! The vent is then connected to a motor that is remote located in your attic space, making it extremely quiet. Flexible exhaust tubing allows for many venting options including a dual exhaust in your shower stall. The SVF can also accommodate the light kit for evening lighting.





Before solar Lighting

After Solar Lighting


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