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I currently own and operate my HVAC business on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I hold a Master's licenses for the state of Maryland and I am insured.

I am a Authorized Dealer for York, Frigidaire, Alaska Stove Company.

All top of the line Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment.

As a Forman for Local Union 100 out of Washington DC I personally completed some of the biggest HVAC jobs on the east coast. I have also designed, and installed thousands of residential HVAC systems.


Is building your own wood stove right for you?

The objective of our business is to provide an alternative for the high price inefficient outdoor wood boilers on the market today. To pass the knowledge on. So others may benefit through warmer homes, lower utility bills, a greater sense of self sufficiency. A small cost for plans and all the information to build your own unit will be recovered many times over through lower utility bills. Quite an effort will be needed to build such an apparatus‘. Hundreds of hours have been spent developing my current boiler. I personally have the time, the patience, the money to take on such a project. All the while having a bit of fun and learning a lot as I went. I can offer you a plan that is effective that will work for your home. However, one may need to carefully consider the time, the talent, and treasure to take on such a project. We offer no warranty, no service agreements. We will not come out and fix your wood stove you built if you screw it up. I can help out a bit by answering any questions you might have. I was simply looking for a way to heat my home without it costing a fortune and this is what I came up with. A masonry gasification boiler. Why masonry? Laying brick and block is fairly easy. Masonry should out last any steel product ten times over. Fire brick chamber helps reach temperatures over 1500 degrees. Masonry products are far cheaper than steel products. So the benefits of a masonry boiler are many.

 I am saving around $ 2500.00 annually. I still have to cut my own wood. I have plenty available to do so. If one had to purchase wood this endeavor may not be as profitable as one might think.




A&C Contractors

I have been working for myself for around twenty years. I am usually a one man operation. I enjoy taking young men and teaching them the ins and outs of the HVAC trade. Although I have sold, designed, and installed hundreds of various types of heating and cooling systems, residential and light commercial. I am currently continuing to finish building my own home. Considering solar power for my home, working on some other neat ideas, serving my family and my Lord on a full time basis.

A picture of my homade wood boiler


A&C Contractors *Cambridge, MD* USA * 21613
Call to order. 50% Non-refundable deposit required on all custom orders.
Chuck 410 303-3064