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 Welcome to our site.

I currently own and operate A&C Contractors Heating & Air Conditioning Business and Shore Solar Solutions on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I hold a Master's licenses for the state of Maryland and I am insured.

I am a Authorized Dealer for Mitsubishi,York, Frigidaire, American Standard, Alaska Stove Company & Solatron Solar Systems & Comfortguard


Check out all these innovative ways to reduce your utility costs.


Buy a Solar Grid Tied System For Your Home

3,240 DC Watt Peak Solar Array

Buy this complete 3.24 peak DC kW (3,240 DC Watt Peak Solar Array) system, including 18 top of the line Suntech 180 Watt polycrystalline solar panels with a 14.1% efficiency rating and a -3% tolerance !, German made SMA-America SB3000US inverter, heavier duty Unirac racks, wire, MC connectors and disconnect from us for only $32,200.00 Plus installation cost and get up to a $4,000.00 !! CASH REBATE in Maryland and up to a $2,000.00 tax credit from the Feds ! *

With the cost of gasoline, natural gas and electricity going through the roof, it is now time to start thinking about your energy budget as a whole. Unfortunately you can't make your own gasoline or natural gas, but you CAN make your own electricity, thus reducing your overall energy budget. The beauty of it all is that the fuel that's needed to make your own electricity falls from the sky every day for free ! With the installation of solar panels.

How to reduce your heating cost

By 50-75%



#1 Install a Alaska Pellet Automatic Stoves For Home Heating

#2 Install or build a Wood or Coal Boiler For Home Heating

#3 Install a Solar Electric Grid Tied System in your home for free electric.

#4 Install Comfortguard in your home and begin to save 10-45% on home heating and cooling.

#5 Install a Solar Powered Attic Fan.

Receive State & Federal Rebates For Solar Energy and Solar Hot Water. systems.


Click Here To Download An Excellent Article Regarding Solar Electric Systems And They Impact Your Home's Value. Written By Wells Fargo Bank !


Outdoor Wood Boilers:Beware.

Do your research. Do not spend $6000-$15,000 on an inefficient wood boiler.


Homade wood boiler

After installing an indoor wood burning stove. My daughter and I both began coughing and having sinus problems.


Liberty Stove

 Alaska's Channing Stove
Completely Automatic
Reduce Home Heating

Free Solar Attic Fan With
Any Complete HVAC System 

Install a Solar Attic Fan
Powered by the sun.

A 20 Ton York Roof Top Unit
One of our latest big jobs on the eastern shore of MD

Please get in touch to offer comments!

You can e-mail us at:

A&C Contractors *Cambridge, MD* USA * 21613
Call to order. 50% Non-refundable deposit required on all custom orders.
Chuck 410 303-3064