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    My late wife, Jean Peters Pilch, was born August 1st, 1936, in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She died of ovarian cancer on April 14, 1997 in the hospice at Howard County General Hospital, Columbia Maryland.  Because her publications are still available and valuable in the areas of her expertise, I have designed these pages for her.  They include a record of her career, her publications, the announcement of her death, and the eulogy I preached at her Funeral liturgy.

    Because our professional and research interests overlapEulogyped and dovetailed, I have included links to topics that were of keen interest to her and to me, areas in which we also worked collaboratively:

Liturgy  Jean was well trained in liturgy and was a church organist during her career. It remained a life-long interest. She was very active in the liturgy at all levels and kept abreast of changes. I have included links to music here as well.
Religious education   Once she switched her undergraduate major from piano/organ to religious education, she remained passionately committed to this field throughout her life. I have included here links to Patrology, and Theology, and other assorted interests. These were not only dear to her heart but together with religious education form part of a much bigger picture.
    May St. Jean of the Dancing Eyes look kindly on those who consult her pages.

Our silver wedding band had Song of Solomon 6:3 inscribed on it: "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." Raban (1930) created a very impressive set of illustrations for these poems. This one is our favorite. We purchased a copy in Jerusalem during one of our trips there.



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