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Mary Sweeney, Lynn, MA

Managing information is not an easy task, especially when that information is important. One small change - an address, a phone number, a physician - sets off an avalanche of corrections in a mountain of documents in order to keep records accurate.

This is the beauty of relational databases. A piece of information is kept in only one place. When it is changed in that one place, it can then be pulled to wherever it is needed. Time is saved; accuracy is enhanced.

Paper records are "paper"; it is not easy to "back them up" off-site.

I create databases for niche clienteles whose special needs I know well: religious communities and similar organizations and those which deal with health care. 

Faithfulness does not mean repetition, but rather creativity springing from that first impulse of God's love and the needs of today.

Mary and Joseph

From "The Nativity Story"

Dedicated to Mary who believed in God's faithfulness and imagination.


  • Health Care
  • Grant Location and Application Tracking 
  • Volunteers
  • Archive Information (in process)
  • Inventory
  • "St. Vincent de Paul" type groups
  • Employees

Introductory Powerpoint Presentation: 

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