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An overview of each of the applications listed:


Designed to be flexible enough to cover information for individuals living in multiple locations. Types of information included:
  • General information pertaining to the individual: name, residence, SS #, Medicare*, allergies, general health information, religious name, religious denomination, etc
  • Current physicians, Medical appointments, Medications, Insurance, Medical Services, Surgeries, Incident History, etc
  • Next of Kin, Health Care Proxy, Emergency Contacts, etc

This information can then be pulled into a variety of reports such as Emergency Hospital Sheets, appointment schedules for designated periods of time,  Companion sheets for people accompanying persons to doctor visits, etc. This project came out of membership in the Massachusetts Group Adult Foster Care Program (GAFC) and the need to comply with their requirements.

*Though originating in an American experience, adaptation to other systems is possible.


Finding Grants

Provides a structure for information on Foundations/Organizations that provide funding including areas such as:
  • General information such as Address and website, Contact information, geographical areas of interest, types of needs supported, application procedure, financial range of grants.
  • Recording individual applications to specific groups and the tracking of the process to an acceptance or denial.
  • A means of filtering to select possible donor foundations on various criteria and the ability to print out summaries of their requirements


Focuses on 4 areas:
  • Volunteers and their personal information profile
  • The sites in which they are sent to minister
  • Finding the funding to support them and accounting for how that funding is spent.
  • Communicating with individuals who would be supportive of this venture.
The various reports and queries are designed to carry out the tasks that would be related to this kind of a project.

Archives (In Process)

This presents a way to keep an accurate history of your members - living and deceased and those who have left. It could be for a Province or a Congregation. The types of information included are:
  • Personal history
  • Formation
  • Education
  • Immigration (Passports, Visas, Work Permits, etc)
  • Assignments
  • Residences
  • Next of Kin
  • Interests and Skills
  • Insurance

The reports that I am working on should yield things like community lists, E-Mail lists, personnel history of a particular community. It should also be able to identify members who have particular skills or interests and track the chronology of ongoing formation as well as provide a "complete"record of an individual's history.

This one is still being worked on.


The impetus for working on this project was Y2K and all that went into the preparations for that for institutions that had to do due diligence.
It includes a structure for physical objects indicating the usual information: Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Place and Date Purchased, Location, Purchase Price, Communications with  Manufacturer/Dealer, etc.
Reports can be pulled under various headings.

St. Vincent de Paul

This is a structured way for an organization that provides some kind of assistance to keep track of requests coming from individuals and the responses which are made. It does not have to be "St. Vincent de Paul". Reports allow for summaries for a specified period of time to be presented.


This application allows one to keep a general record of Employee information. It does not include financial information.
There are the usual items of contact information and Emergency contacts. There is a general work history including when a person started and finished and what their role was. There is also provision to track inservice education and CEU's as this is sometimes of importance. Notes can also be made and these can be helpful in preparing performance reviews.


Mary Sweeney* Lynn* MA * USA *