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Here are links to some of my favorite web sites.


Windows Media -

Film clip from "The Nativity Story".

Find a spiritual reflection for each day in a multitude of languages.
National Catholic Weekly Magazine

Catholic News of the World.
The Independent Newsweekly

Technology Sites...
Includes excellent weekly technology audio broadcast. Participation can earn you free prizes...
Free Online Education...


For USA - Find the least expensive gasoline in your area.
Self-hair-cutting system for men/women. Highly recommended. Do a search on Youtube for "Flowbee".

FriendlyTech hands desired object through computer.

"Kandisa" by Indian Ocean - an ancient Syrian Catholic hymn in Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

Translation courtesy of Paul Younan:
Qad-dee-sha A-la-ha (Holy God)
Qad-dee-sha Khail-tha-na (Holy Mighty One)
Qad-dee-sha La Ma-yo-tha (Holy Immortal)
Ith-Rakh-Hem Al-Lain (Have Mercy upon us)
Shlee-kha Mar Yoseph, Al Mad-bkha d'Qudsha ((to) St. Joseph, upon the Holy Altar)
Neh-weh Dukh-ran-na (Let there be a memorial)
Alam, alam, etc. (forever and ever)
Amen wa'Amen (Amen and Amen)
(The St. Joseph spoken of is Joseph of Arimathea.)

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