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Sample Music from Musical about life of St. Paul

A word about the musical -
It tells the story of Paul's life from Jerusalem after the death of Jesus (including the stoning of Stephen) followed by the various "roads" - the Road to Damascus, the Road to Asia Minor, the Road to Greece, the Road to Rome.
A snippet of the music should be streaming now for you. (You do need to have your speakers on and a high speed connection.) If it is not, there is probably a request for you to allow an ActiveX control to function. Saying yes will allow it to play. It is not long, but it gives you a sense of the quality of the music without consuming too many bytes. This piece has only piano accompaniment. Various other pieces include other instrumentation. If you want the music to play again, refresh the page. I am reluctant to send music directly to people as it is copyrighted; also I do not want to fill up people's mailboxes.
This song is sung to Paul and Silas by Lydia and the women of Philippi. They are explaining themselves to Paul and will, in the song, go on to remind him that he has been "sent" to Philippi and that they are eager to learn of the Way.
Enjoy and I hope to hear from you.
Mary Sweeney


My Blog Entries

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