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VocoPro GigPro
$79 with 2 mics -Monitor $15 more

Karaoke Rentals
Karaoke requires a sound-system, mics; video display; karaoke player & karaoke music
GigPro 100w System: $79
The GigPro sound-system provides a family room sized (15-25 people) one-piece audio system with 2 mics included: The price includes a $4 credit towards discs in the K2 Collection. Ready to connect to S video or CGA display, or rent a video monitor for $15. See the K2 Song Rental discs (1500 songs available) link below. Up to 4 discs from 1 Collection are included in the $79 price
Karaoke Laptop PC : Add $80 to the price of any sound system
Provides a 17" laptop PC with 8000 digital karaoke songs (no discs required).
Price includes 1 wired mic.
 (note that renting the computer without renting a sound system (wos) adds $20 to price:
Sound-systems for the K3 start at $49 (see P1; P2 and P3 sound-systems)
Displays Available
19" LCD PC monitor (4:3): $15;
MIcs:  1 wireless mic: $28    Dual ireless mic: $32

Click for K2 Discs and Songs

Our recommended Karaoke system for groups of up to 50 people is the K3 with rhe P3 sound system. Add the AKG mini dual wireless and you will have the best professional karaoke system in DC at low price.
K3-digital karaoke+ P3 Sound (300w) + dual wireless mics = $219

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BYODJ Ipod Weddings
In addition to renting sound & lighting for Ipod weddings, BYODJ rents gobo projectors. Gobos available by order (3 weeks).

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